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heartland farm

2/1 2/2005

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Jim, Donna, Scott & Leslie 


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


After News Channel 4’s airing of our investigation at the Guthrie residence, we were contacted by a homeowner about her home having lots of activity. She told OKPRI that the activity was getting so intense that she was afraid for her & her children to even stay in the home. She reported this activity as the following:


  • The family hears voices throughout the home.

  • There was one incident where the female client felt like she was being choked.

  • Knocking is heard throughout the home.

  • The kid's electronic toys turn on and off by themselves.

  • Other electronic devices such as TV's, radios, computers and electronic appliances go off and on by themselves.


There have been no known documented deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client told us that the home was old, the original part of it built in the early 1900’s and as the years passed, a few more rooms were added on. Also on the property stood a few old buildings, one being a huge red barn that was built in the 1800’s along with a small packing house, more modern buildings that held farm equipment such as combines, tractors, etc., an old windmill, chicken houses, & and interesting enough, an old outhouse that was maintained & used until the 1950’s.

Investigation Report

Once we were at the residence we started setting up equipment & shortly afterwards, started doing our sweeps. We started with sweeps of the inside first.  While we were conducting our sweeps, one of our investigator’s was verbally told to “Get Out” by an unknown male voice.

We didn't have a whole lot happen during our sweeps of the inside except for one incident where we encountered a hanger moving in the closet on it's own.

Around 12:09am, when a few investigators were investigating one of the bedrooms, one of the investigators noticed a hanger moving by itself in the closet and no one had touched the hanger.  Also during this time, there was a 10 degrees temperature drop which made the temperature drop down to 58 degrees F.  It was during this that we recorded video of the hanger moving on its own until it slowed down and stopped

The old barn found on the property seemed to be very interesting.  We noticed there were a lot of old items that were still left in the barn from a time long ago.  The barn and property itself also appeared to be very active which told us that the activity was not just limited to inside the house.  We had various EMF activations that occurred outside on the property.  There was also one EVP that was recorded of a man's voice saying, "Check my hat, I need a picture."  This was recorded during a time when our team was replacing batteries in our digital camera and our video camcorder.  This EVP was not heard audibly during the time it was recorded and was discovered later when we reviewed our audio.



Our team feels like this home and property is being haunted by several different spirits.  There was one domineering spirit we felt like was there and this spirit was keeping many other spirits prisoner there. Christy felt like she needed to intervene and help get rid of this domineering spirit so she performed a cleansing outside on the land and felt like she had succeeded in getting rid of this spirit.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This was a VERY interesting investigation for me because I received a visit from a couple of the spirits here before I even stepped foot on this property.  The evening before the investigation, I was sitting at my computer desk working on the website when all the sudden all around my neck I started feeling a lot of pain.  I started to rub my neck and then all the sudden was shown this old red barn and a black man

hanging from it's upper rafters.  This completely caught me off guard and I immediately knew that this was one of the spirits that was from this location. 

When we pulled up into the long driveway of this location, I immediately saw the barn from my vision at home and it was like dejavu.  I immediately had chills & knew that there was definitely a spirit here that wanted to communicate with us.  Later on during the sweeps of the barn, I saw this same black man hanging from the rafters of the barn but he did not communicate with me then.  It wasn't until the sit down that he communicated with me and told me that he had been falsely accused of stealing from his slave master and was lynched for it.  His body was left hanging in the barn for a few days as a warning & example to the rest of the slaves there on the farm.  He was very adamant about letting me know that he was innocent and appeared very scared.  I also came across the farm owner/slave owner who admitted to killing this slave for stealing and showed no regret for the loss of this man's life.  This owner told me his name was Don & that he felt all his slaves were no better than his cattle and he showed no  thought for their thoughts or feelings.  He did mention however that he had a slave mistress and that she had gotten pregnant by him.  He admitted to it being a mistake and that their child should have never been born.  He showed an argument between him & his mistress & then how he took the life of his mistress & their child.  He then told me that he buried them "deep in the ground." 

told me that the land used to be a farm and that the farm had been in the family for generations until a few years ago when it was sold and now occupied by a different family.  She also told me several generations ago when the land used to be a farm, it was owned by a family, the mother's name being Lillian & that her young son had been killed out in the field.  The homeowner was unsure of the man's first name who owned the farm & young boy's, but she knew for sure that the mother's name was Lillian.

During the last part of the sit-down a young boy by the name of "Peter" came through and told us that his dad was Don and that his dad wouldn't allow him to play with the other slave children there on the farm so he was a bit lonely.  He also stated that his father wouldn't allow him to play with the children of the homeowner that lived there because the children were of color.  He stated that his dad would take a "strap to his back" and that it would make his dad very angry.  He also told me that his mother's name was Lillian and that she wasn't there with them so he didn't know where she was at.

After the sit-down, I spoke with the homeowner who

evidence collected

There were 2 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no photos and 1 video clip.



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