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earlsboro & romulus cemeteries


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Jim, Donna & Ashley


Equipment used:  Personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Below is our movie documentary of our investigation there at Earlsboro and Romulus Cemetery.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

Both of these cemeteries date back to the early 1800’s. Earlsboro has 2 different cemeteries, the smaller one which was at one time used strictly for the burial of white people and the larger one for used only for the burial of black people. Sometime after the 1950’s, when segregation was no longer, the two cemeteries were then used to intermingle both white & black burials. The smaller, once “white only” cemetery has people of all ages buried within its grounds, but more so seems to be a lot of young children. Most of these children died in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s and as one can imagine, at a time when death tolls were high due to diseases. Earlsboro cemetery is known as being “haunted” and has brought many  visitors to it’s gates.

Romulus Cemetery also dates back with graves from the early 1800’s and now into the present. I have paid many visits to this lonely cemetery and at times there is a feeling of welcome and other times a feeling of intrusion. At one time, (1800’s) the small town of Romulus was a very lively place, even having it's own school where a handful of children would attend. Although the town of Romulus is no longer around, it’s memory survived by a few old photographs, and those now deceased residents still remain to tell us of its past. 

Investigation Report

Earlsboro Cemetery


We arrived at the small Earlsboro cemetery at approximately 10:30pm and began our investigation. About 45 minutes into the investigation, we were visited by the groundskeeper who we had the pleasure of interviewing. The groundskeeper told the story of the old cemetery and gave us a history of it roots. He also told us about the larger cemetery just a few blocks from where the smaller one is located. During our investigation, we did have a n fluctuation on the Gauss Meter with a short spike ranging about 3mg. One interesting photograph was also taken using infrared and one of the light anomalies in the photo we have no explanation for. In past investigations we have gotten several EVP’s from this location, some even being class A in nature. On this particular night, we recorded only 2 evp, both Class B.

We arrived at the larger Earlsboro cemetery at approximately 12 midnight and began our investigation. We had no fluctuations on our gauss meter, but we did have one of our team members who heard an audible voice. No positive photos were taken and no clear EVP was recorded.

One of the times while we were investigating at Earlsboro, we happened to capture a couple of photos that we feel are paranormal in nature.  The first photo was captured around a large family plot that had a large bush in the center of it.  The headstones were centered around the bush.  When we took a picture of the area, we captured a large white light anomaly with little balls of light coming out of it.  We feel it might be a spiritual doorway opening and the round orb like balls are individual spirits coming out of the portal.  This photo was taken with a manual camera.  It was not taken in digital form.  The second photo that was taken was over a child's

grave.  You can see a wiggly light coming up from the bottom of the ground and the another light showing to the right of it.  Recreations of both photos were tried but were not successful.  Both of these photos will be show below.

One of the other best pieces of evidence that we were able to record from this cemetery was in the form of an EVP.  On our initial trip to this cemetery, we had been there for a couple of hours and were getting ready to leave since it was getting really late.  We began walking toward the cemetery gates and made the announcement, "We're getting ready to leave so if anyone has anything to say, now's the time to say it."  Suddenly we heard footsteps in the grass behind us.  We turned around and shined the flashlight but didn't see anything.  We left but when we reviewed over our audio from this particular night, we got an EVP recorded that was in response to us saying we're leaving so if anyone has anything to say, now's the time to say it.  The EVP simply said, "Hi, I'm Samantha!"  

Romulus Cemetery

We arrived at Romulus cemetery at approximately 1:30am and began our investigation. While conducting the investigation, we had a nice fluctuation again on the Gauss Meter with spikes reading between 3 & 10mg. We were in the South-East corner of the cemetery and as Christy who was holding the gauss, walked by this particular grave (recent for burial, 2004), the Gauss Meter started showing fluctuations in readings. Most of the readings stayed between 3 & 7 mg, but several times reaching up to 10mg.  The video clip of this is below.         


Later, recreations of the readings were tried but to no availe as we were no longer getting the readings in that particular spot or any part of the cemetery for that matter. With the temperature dropping a bit and the wind starting to pick up, we decided to end the investigation and leave.  We did get the gauss meter activations on video and will show it below.

While investigating this cemetery, we were fortunate enough to capture some interesting photographs.  One in particular was that of a big light anomaly that almost looks like a huge white flame right next to this headstone.  We tried over and over again to recreate this photograph and were unable to recreate it. We also were able to capture some great evps from this location as well.   As our investigation continued, we happen to capture some mists in some photographs.  These were not the result of our breath and there was no other light source that would have caused the mists in these photos. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I really felt at peace in the little Earlsboro cemetery and only felt a few spirits present which is very unusual for this cemetery.  The larger Earlsboro cemetery seems to have quite a few more spirits, all seeming curious in nature to what we were doing.  After a while there, I felt like we were intruding and felt a bit uncomfortable so we decided to pack up and leave the cemetery.  It was at Romulus cemetery that I felt the most 

connection with spirit & it was during the time that I was having meter fluctuations on the Gauss Meter.  I felt the presence of a woman and felt like she had died from an aneurism of the head.  Once I acknowledged this, she seemed to be satisfied as the readings we were getting on the gauss meter stopped. 

evidence collected

There were 12 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 6 sound clips.  

There were 7 photos and 1 video clips.




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