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House of Darkness

6/4/2005 & 6/19/2005

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Jim, Donna, Leslie & Scott


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Below is our movie documentary of our investigation at this location.

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family.  OKPRI was contacted to come out because of strange activity happening in the home that was  terrorizing the family.   Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • One of the things they witnessed happened with the 9 month old baby who resides in the home.  This baby would awake from naps with scratches on his body & occasional bruising, which both were not present before they laid him down to sleep.  These occurrences would only happen in one particular bedroom where the child’s mother has also experienced her own personal nightmares.

  • Disembodied figures have been seen throughout the house, but especially in the baby's room.

  • Knocking & scratching sounds coming from the baby's bedroom closet & upon further inspection of the door, many scratch marks were discovered.

  • The female client has also been awaken by dark figures standing beside her bed & has even experienced one  in her bed when she went to lay down.

  • Voices have also been heard, including screaming and a melodic whistling.

  • The oldest child talks to a young man named Jess, but tells him not to tell his parents & grandmother because they would send him away.  When the activity increased in the home, this young child became too terrified to play or sleep in his own room, complaining that it was too dark.  Even when his parents would keep his light on, he would still refuse to stay in the room, insisting that he was afraid of the darkness that was in the room.

  • The family has also seen dark shadows throughout different parts of the home.

  • Facets turn off and on by themselves.

  • Pictures fly right off the shelves or walls, along with other items.  One of these “pictures” in particular was that of the oldest child in the home who is 5 years old.

  • Most nights the residents of this home are so scared that they can’t even sleep at night among other things.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This wood framed home was built in the 1940’s and is currently a rental home.   Although not much of the home’s history is known by the current residents, we can tell you we have been told that in the past, no one has rented & stayed in this home for longer than 3 months except for this family now, who has just passed the 4 month mark.

Client Interview


We were intrigued by some of the things that the residents had told us concerning the activity going on in the home.  We were especially concerned about the scratches & bruising happening to the youngest child so we agreed to schedule an investigation of the home right away.  When we first agreed to investigate this home, we thought it would be just the typical haunting like all the others from the past, but we found out differently once we arrived and began to do the investigation. 

Our group began setting up equipment throughout the house and then prepared to get our investigation started.

Some of the things that our team witnessed is the knocking going on in the home, dark shadows, audible voices, and touching.  The dark shadows were noticed more in the child's room.  They were seen crawling on the top of the walls and ceiling.  


When we reviewed our data, we were found many EVPs (all listed below) and 3 video clips of light anomalies coming from one particular room.  OKPRI has been working closely with this family and will continue to do so.  Our team was able to record the 3 light

anomalies on video and we will show it below.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When we pulled into the driveway, I noticed that the living room lights were on, the blinds we up & the front door open.  When I looked through the living room window, I saw what appeared to be 2-3 people sitting on the couch in the living room area.  I was thinking the homeowner probably invited a few guests that night to watch the investigation since that is what we sometimes run across .  However,

when we got out of my Jeep and saw the homeowner stand up to come to the front door to greet us, I saw these individuals disappear.  I couldn’t make out their details, only figure images since I was at a distance.  Jim then made the comment that his “friend must have company here as well”, so I was not the only one who saw this.  To our surprise, there was no one physically with the homeowner when we arrived.    While the techs were setting up the equipment, I did a quick walk through of the home.  The living room, kitchen, dining room, hallway bathroom & front bedroom felt normal with minimal energy shifts, a very peaceful feeling.  I did however, feel an energy change in the main hallway after I passed the bathroom area, but it was the 2nd hallway that REALLY got my attention!  I felt drawn to  the back bedrooms and a whim of caution came over me.  The farther down the hall I got, the stronger the energy presence became.      

In the 2nd bedroom, toward the end of the hallway, I felt a strange energy shifting taking place.  For moments the energy would become heavy and then for moments it would lighten and be fine.  I also saw a young girl of about 5-6  hiding in the closet, terrified of the darkness within the home.  Later during the sit-down, we found out her name was Heather &

she had gone out to play one day and had been trapped by the dark ones.  Her mother’s name was Renee and the last memory she has of home is her mother fixing her lunch before she left to go outside.  Her frightened plea was simply to go home.  We recorded an evp here of a child saying something about “Let me in that room”  Leslie knew she had to immediately help this little girl, so she performed a soul rescue for the little girl right there, telling her she was an angel and that she needed to go to the light where she would find her family.  Leslie’s guides took Heather into the light and then she was gone.  


Also during the sweeps of this room, I was running the gauss meter over the bed area and psychically saw a dark hand raise up and grab my arm, then dissipate. When I went to check out the 3rd bedroom, I got to the doorway and couldn’t go inside the room.  I stuck my hand in the room to feel the energy and just after a couple of seconds, I saw this darkness come at me with a face that snarled and then tried to bite & scratch my arm.  This totally caught me off guard and I immediately jumped back away from the room to the door.  As I stood there for a moment observing the room & looking deeper into the darkness, I suddenly saw 4-5 dark figures standing close in the doorway of the room.  This totally  shocked me as I had never witnessed anything like this before!  I quickly reached my hand inside the bedroom wall by the door and flipped on the light.  Suddenly all the dark ones disappeared into corners of the room, like shadows running into the corners of the walls.  I then flipped back off the light and saw them start to come back out of the corners and take form again.   It wasn’t later until the sit-down that they told me that they were “From a time long ago” and they called themselves “Minions”.  There was a lot of negative energy coming from them as well.  There was also a swirling black portal up against the back East bedroom wall & I took this as an entrance point through which they traveled.  They told me about a gate there that they were guarding and thus one of their reasons for being in the home.  I felt like in their past, they were possibly connected to perhaps the Druid beliefs and possibly connected to some sort of magic, but ultimately, they had their own group identity, which was not favored by those that knew them, possibly leading up to their physical death.  They hated the light and refused to associate with anything that was associated with the light, thus their reason for hiding when light was present.  That was about as much information as I could get from them because they did not like to reveal a lot about themselves, but enjoyed mocking us and causing confusion.  


Sometime during this investigation, we recorded a low guttural evp which we have not been able to make out yet.  It is very creepy sounding though!   “Unknown Creepy Evp”  We also recorded another evp later on that has a rhythm sound in the back ground (not from recording device) and then has a person whistling a tune and then a man’s voice that says, “Ha ha”.  Rhythm…whistling…& “HA HA:” Throughout the house and also the first bedroom (peaceful bedroom) I came across this woman who appeared to be a guide for the homeowner.  She gave her name as Deloris and gave me the impression that she was being overwhelmed by these dark ones and could not protect as much as she would like to because it totally drained all of her energy.  We did record an evp of a woman saying, “ Help Me” and later on, “Scary.”    This investigation has been a very strange one indeed and VERY different from anything else that we have ever encountered.  I believe that the entities here are beyond anything that we have knowledge of here in our realm and because of the negativity that these things put off and the harm that they can do, OKPRI  is trying to help the homeowner find a peaceful solution for her family and home.

Investigation Report

evidence collected

There were 5 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 1 sound clips.  

There were no photos and 3 video clips.



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