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Ann Arbor House


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger and Kevin


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Below is our movie documentary of this investigation.

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by two friends who are roommates.  The homeowner was concerned about staying in her home and asked if OKPRI would come out and investigate right away.  Some of the current experiences in the home included:

  • The female client had awaken one night to a woman standing over her while she slept with 2 men at the foot of her bed.

  • She talked to her room mate which also stated that she too had witnessed the activity that had taken place in the residence. They both saw figures walking back & forth in the hallway,

  • Audible voices are heard throughout the home.

  • Footsteps are heard in the home, especially upstairs.

  • Their cat acts skittish and seems afraid to go upstairs.

  • The peak of the activity seemed to take place from the stairs of the home all the way to the upstairs area, especially in the master bedroom.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This location was built back in the 1970’s and is currently a rental location. The current homeowners do not know of any history that would warrant the location to be haunted, but have only lived in the home for 2 months. They didn’t start to notice any activity in the home until a little after 6 weeks of living in the there. 

Investigation Report

We arrived at the home around 9pm and conducted a walk through of the location. We decided to set up stationary cameras in the upstairs part of the residence where we were told the majority of the activity took place. We set up a stationary meter (K-11 emf meter) in the master bedroom and during the sweeps, we got meter fluctuations on the K-11. There were no time patterns for the meter activation, and no other sources could be found. While conducting the sweeps we had no other EMF fluctuations and the readings on the K-II were tested with no explanation for the readings. During this time, we had our walk-through camera going and were able to get the individual meter activations as they happened. Roger was holding the stationary camera and took the video of the EMF fluctuations.

During the investigation, we had no positive photographs, but we did have video recorded of the K-II meter activations along with 5 positive EVPs.

While in Area 6 (Master Bedroom) we had set up the KII gauss meter by it self. While conducting the walk thru of this room the meter became active and at times was VERY active. At 11:26pm Roger noticed the meter active and brought that to everyone's attention. It stopped quickly afterwards. 30 seconds later it began again for a few moments. At 11:30pm-11:31pm, as the team watched, the meter became active two more times. Finally at 11:37pm the meter became active for the last time during the walk through. The Cell Sensor and Gauss Master (other emf meters)  were used around the original meter to test the readings after the spikes but nothing was registered on those meters. Some of the spikes were captured on video by Roger.  (See video clips of the meter activations.)

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I went into this location just knowing the basics of the activity that had occurred, but kept an open mind to the place. When I first entered the location, I really didn’t feel anything from the lower level. It wasn’t until I started up the stairs to go scout out camera locations and got 2-3 steps up when I felt a wave of dizziness come over me and the farther up the stairs I went into the upper part of the home, the stronger the

feeling got. While standing in the hallway upstairs, one of our team members Beth, was standing in the doorway of the master bedroom and while we were talking, I saw a tall dark shadow pass behind Beth. Then during the sweep of the master bedroom, we had meter activations in the room on the K-II which was really exciting.

I felt a strong female presence in the home who came through to me when Kevin and I were sitting in the room alone. Right as we were getting set up to sit down in the room, we recorded an evp of a woman saying, “Sit down”. This woman really didn’t confirm her name, but I saw her in full form in the master bedroom closet coming out to the doorway.   Kevin was sitting next to the closet door and felt like the brushing of material against his arm.  She told me the story of her life and what happened to her. She was in her early twenties, had long dark hair, and light bluish-green eyes and was wearing a

light colored night gown dress with thin shoulder straps which I believed she possibly died in. She lived back in the mid 1800’s and was a prostitute, but of high class as she chose her clients, many who were repeat customers.


She some how or another contracted a bacteria which caused a bad fever with symptoms that affected her lungs and caused her to be very ill. The fever got worse and her illness slowly killed her. She had a man who loved her very much, a suitor of sorts and during her illness he took care of her. They weren’t married, but he loved her very much and stood by her side regardless. Shortly after her death, he also became ill (source unknown) and died. I did have another individual in the home named David who came through. He was hung by a vigilante group for stealing horses. I don’t think accompanies them now on the other side.


When I spoke to this young woman, she told me that she felt her life had been cut short and she wanted it back. She felt like it wasn’t her time to go and she shouldn’t have died. She feels connected with one of the residents because she reminds her much of the way she was when she was alive and in physical form. When I tried to explain to her that this was no longer possible, she became very upset and did not want to talk anymore.

evidence collected

There were 5 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no photos and no video clips.


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