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1931 Abandoned School


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Vicki, Becca, Becky & Kim


Equipment used:  3 OlympusVN3600, Olympus VN1800, 35mm Trip AF-50 Gauss Master EMF Meter, 1 Temperature Probe. 1 Kodak CX4300 Digital Camera, 1 HP Photosmart 120 Digital Camera, 1 Sony Digital 8 Camcorder,   JVC Digital 300X, Sony dsc-v1 Cyber Shot Digital Camera

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently abandoned.   The owner, Mike & his family haven't lived here for years and mainly use the run down building for storage purposes, but Mike stated that he has had some strange occurrences happen here not only in the past but in the present as well.  He told us different stories and one of recent that caught our attention.  Mike contacted OKPRI in hopes that we would come out & investigate the building and explain to him exactly what was going on.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Mike and a friend went out to his old home here to get a few things and heard doors slamming with footsteps & also had a window that completely shattered in front of him with no apparent cause.  He & his friend both ran out of the building and refused to go back.

  • He also mentioned a chair in the hallway area spinning viciously around & around.


There has been 1 confirmed death on this property.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This building has a unique history. The owner of the building told us a gruesome story about it's past.  When this building was first constructed, it's original intent was that of a church, which was never fully constructed.  Later in 1930, the building was sold and made into a local school.  For privacy reasons, this school's name will not be listed.  Years later the building was then sold to individuals who converted the old church/school into a home.   The home was occupied for many years until its  history turned tragic.  On this property also stands a few other buildings, one which was constructed and

used as living quarters.  It is here that the building's owner Mike, told us about his cousin's tragic death.  The police ruled the death as suicide, but Mike & his family believe  otherwise...they believe their family member was murdered by a couple of his "so called friends."  The picture  is the outside building where Mike's cousin died. 

Investigation Report

The last time Mike visited the old building to get some of his things out of storage, he took a few photos of the outside of the building and captured a photo that showed a visible misty image.  Our group did try to recreate this photo upon our initial visit, but we were unable to.  The client told us that the reason he took the picture was because he thought he saw someone in the the window so he felt compelled to start taking pictures.  He was convinced his cousin's spirit was probably still lingering around on the property. 

10:35pm--Start of Investigation & General walk through of building

11:22pm--End of Walk Through

12:30am--Sweeps started

1:45am--Sweeps ended

2:15am--Sit down started

3:15am--Sit down ended



Our team began setting up equipment throughout the building.  We did have to be careful as some parts of the building appeared hazardous.  Once that was done we started our sweeps.  We were investigating throughout the building and at one particular point, Christy was feeling like she was being followed.  She made her way through the old living room area of the building/home when she strongly felt like someone was closely behind her watching her.  Behind Christy was a set of stairs.  Since Christy felt someone was behind her watching her, she quickly took out her camera and took a picture of the stairs area.  


Christy didn't notice it at the time, but later when she reviewed her pictures, she saw a man's face and upper body.  He had dark hair and eyes.  There appears to be a child beside him on his left (right side if you look at the picture.)

Our group continued the investigation of the location.  At one point in the investigation our group stopped for a break.  Mike who stayed at the location, took out some family pictures to show us.  He showed us one of him and his deceased cousin.  Christy had her audio recorder running still and her audio recorder captured an evp of a man's voice that said, "That's me and Mike."  Later when Christy reviewed her audio, she found this evp and played it for Mike.  Mike was amazed and said that sounded a lot like his cousin's voice.

 At 12:08 am while leaving the inside of the main building, the hallway that connects to the living room area brightly lit up like if someone had flipped on a light switch and then quickly turned it off.  There is NO electricity in this building.  No one flashed a camera or turned on a flash light and all other external sources were checked but no reasonable explanation could be found. 

We conducted a sit down in the back area rooms and hallway.  The sit down was fairly quiet though and we didn't have much happen.

Our group had no other personal experiences in this location.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This was a very interesting investigation.  When we first pulled into the driveway of this location I immediately saw several spirits.  There were 2 particular ones that caught my attention at first.  One was on the roof and the other was on top of an old bus that was parked in the driveway.  They kept a defensive stance as if on guard for the place.  I got out of my vehicle and went to walk by the old bus when I felt hands

close in around my neck.  I didn't say anything to anyone about what I had seen until later when other's reported feeling "creeped" out when they walked by the old bus windows.

Upon  entrance to the building, I saw several different spirits, including a few children that were very shy & did not wish to speak.  Most of the activity seemed to be centered around the back bedroom area and what I found most fascinating was that there seemed to be a whole community of spirits living on the property, each having different personalities existing and working together to

form the community."  Each seemed to be so caught up in what they were doing that they didn't care to take time out to talk to me.  


There was however one spirit in particular who came through acknowledging that he was Mike's cousin.  He told the sad story about what had happened to him.  He confirmed Mike's intuition about his death being a murder  instead of a suicide, but asked me to ask Mike not to get upset about his death because he was a lot happier now and that he believed the people who  had killed  him had caused  his death accidentally.  He also revealed to us that he was terminally ill and that he was glad he had died when he did so he wouldn't have to suffer later on.   Mike was relieved to hear from his cousin and felt like he had closure to a mystery that he had been wondering about for so long.  A few days after the investigation, OKPRI presented the recorded evidence that we had gotten and Mike was very happy and stated, "I knew I wasn't crazy after all!"

After the Investigation

An interesting thing that happened to me after I left this investigation was an encounter I had with two spirits from this location.  One night after the investigation I had gone to bed and in my dream there was this little 5 year old Native American girl named Betty who came running up to me and she jumped in my lap and wrapped her arms tightly around me.  She was asking me to protect her.  She had been living at the old abandoned school/home for a while now with other spirits there who helped keep her safe but lately she had a man who had visited the old building and spirits there and he wouldn't leave her along.  


All of a sudden in the room came this scary looking man who was after the girl.  He was demanding that I give the girl to him.  I saw a little flash of this man and he had been a child molester in his life when he was alive.  In death now, he is still bothering children and he was after Betty.  I told him he wasn't getting Betty and that he needed to leave her alone and leave my home.  He got really mad and stormed out of the room.  As he stormed out of the room I felt a huge rush of wind that blew back onto our faces.  I then suddenly woke up and my wooden headboard was shaking violently.  Earlier in the day we had nailed it to the wall and if we wouldn't have, it would have fallen down on our faces. 

I talked with Betty and assured her that she was safe now and then I called out to God and asked him to send angels to come and get Betty and take her to heaven.  Within just a few moments, Betty took the hands of angels and crossed over.   About four days later, Betty came to me by my bedside one night right as I was getting into bed.  She was smiling and happy and she said she had come back to thank me.  I found a picture on the internet that looked similar to what Betty looked like so when you see the picture, it isn't Betty, but she favors the girl in the photo.  Betty was a beautiful Native American girl with short black hair and dark eyes.  She had a beautiful smile and soul that I will never forget!

evidence collected

There were 9 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was 1 photo and no video clips.



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