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River's Edge


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Leslie & Scott


Equipment used:  3 OlympusVN3600, Olympus VN1800, Olympus 35mm, Trip AF-50Gauss Master EMF Meter, 1 Temperature Probe, 1 Kodak CX4300 Digital Camera, 1 HP Photosmart 120 Digital Camera, 1 Sony Digital 8 Camcorder,  JVC Digital 300X

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

We were contacted by some friends of ours concerning this location.  Per request of the owners, we cannot divulge much information about this location or its history, but we can tell you that is is a public place of business that ranges in size of about 75,000 sq. feet.  (Please see picture of floor plan layout.)  We interviewed one of the employees that works there and he told us that he he usually works late at night and it wasn't uncommon for him to hear voices out of no where when no one else is in the building.  He also reported hearing doors slamming, footsteps & knocking and said he always gets a "weird feeling like being watched when he is alone, especially at night."  OKPRI was invited to investigate this location to see if we could gather evidence to determine whether this location was haunted or not.

In addition to this employee experiencing activity, there have been other employees who had also noticed strange activity as well.  We also do know that there has been one death in this building.  It was one of the former employees who died of a heart attack in the maintenance shop. 

10:20pm--Start of Investigation & General walk through of building

11:22pm--End of Walk Through

12:30am--Sweeps started

1:45am-- Sweeps ended

2:15am--Sit down started

3:15am--Sit down ended




Our team arrived at the location and began setting up our equipment throughout the building.  After that we began our investigative sweeps.  The building was very large so we split up into two different teams.  We had planned to meet back up later on to compare notes on what we might have experienced. Below we will mention some areas where our group experienced something.  You can refer to the above layout map to see the areas we are referring to.


Most of our investigation report here will be told through our psychic investigator comments. 

Area #5


This area felt very uncomfortable.  We felt like we were being watched the whole time we were there. Christy felt like there was a man in this area who was a bit grumpy and he died of a heart attack.  As we were conducting our sweeps, Christy's audio recorder captured a whispery voice saying "Get Out."  One of our team members (Leslie) was also pushed during this time as well. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first entered this location I was amazed at it's huge size.  There were so many areas that I noticed spirit activity.  The first location was back in Area # 5 where I saw an man who wasn't friendly, nor did he want to be bothered.  He wouldn't reveal his name to me, but he did tell me that he had died of a heart attack. 

Area #10

The next area was upstairs, Area #10 where I encountered 2 women talking to each other but stopped after we entered the room.  They were frightened & did not wish to communicate.  

Areas #14 and #16

Between Areas #14 & #16 I came upon this older woman who reminded me of an old school marm.  She appeared to be very conservative and stern and revealed her name as Ms. Margaret.  She told me that she had worked at this location for many years until her health turned bad.  She then

Area # 8

While doing a sweep of Area #8, I immediately saw  transparent white walls in the middle of this hallway (see picture on left) going all the way up into the ceiling that divided the hallway into 2 sections.  I then saw a beautiful blue river, but didn't quite understand at the moment what it meant.  I thought the wall was possibly a portal of some sort and immediately wanted to know what was on the other side of the wall.  It wasn't until later during the sit down that I connected with several children that were there in the building.  One small boy named Paul snuck into the area where we were at for the sit-down.  He was afraid of Ms. Margaret catching him.  He & many other

children (approximately 18-20 children) snuck around the administration area where Ms. Margaret was in order to get to where we were  to talk with us.


When I asked Paul & the others about the river I had seen, I suddenly found myself standing in a beautiful pasture with wild flowers lined all around by trees.  The sun was shining brightly and there was a light breeze.  I saw children coming out of the woods & as they passed by me, they were all holding hands as they approached the river's bank.  I then watched as they all waded into the river.  Once there were halfway through the river, they all disappeared.  When I asked Paul & the other children about what I had just seen, they told me that there were several places like that on the river, each spot taking them to different locations.  They told me that the spot by the river that I had just seen was the particular spot that brought them here & it was the spot that I had seen in the hallway.   I asked them why they held hands while going into the river and they told me that they had to do that in order for everyone to enter at the same time.

I had a candle lit during the sit-down and towards the conclusion of my conversation with the children. I saw Paul crawl next to my candle.  I asked him to blow out the candle.  I saw him trying to blow it out as the candle flame flickered, but he wasn't able to get it to go out.  It was during this time that we recorded a young boy's voice saying "Candle"  While conducting the investigation and the sit-down several of the investigator's noticed dark shadowy movement in the hallway and we thought it might have been the woman that I had picked up on.

Investigation Report

stated that she still remains working  here because her services were still needed.  She complained about children being there and requested that I ask the building's management to move the children away from her work area.  She told me that the children would often tease her, coming up behind her & pulling at her skirt tale and then running away.  She said that she tried to keep them out of her area and would often chase them away with a fly swatter.

evidence collected

There were 8 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no photos and no video clips.


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