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1 1/28/2015

General Information

Investigators:      Christy, Kathy, and Donna


Equipment used: DVR, (4) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

This residence is currently occupied by the client, her husband, and 3 other adults. Some of the current

experiences in the home included:

  • Knocking on windows of the house usually beginning around 6pm-5:30am

  • Breathy sighs heard audibly.

  • Strange occurrences in the home and in the shop located by the  house.

  • Feelings of being watched in the home.

  • Feelings of being uncomfortable in the home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s home was built in 1962 and is listed as a 2,527 square foot single story home on 0.79 acres.

The current homeowners had only lived in the home for a short time however, the previous family before them had lived in the home for 24 years.  Their elderly mother lived in the home with them for about a year before she had been placed in a nursing home where she could receive 24-hour care for her advancing Alzheimer’s disease.

The current owners purchased the home on June 17, 2015 from the previous owners, which was just days before the

previous owner's elderly mother passed away in a nursing home on July 2, 2015.  The current family began noticing paranormal activity just weeks after purchasing the home.  

After researching the land, home, and families who have lived in the home, there is reason to believe that the elderly mother who had recently died was the one haunting the home.  The clients of the home knew the previous family well and they were told that the elderly mother loved living in the home and did not want to leave to go live in the nursing home.  This was her home and she wanted to stay there.  She did not realize she was dead and that her immediate family had moved out and sold the home.

Investigation Report

Client Interview

Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowners. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity.




Our team began setting up equipment throughout the house. Due to the history of the location and due to the claims that were reported in a particular bedroom of the home, our team set up motion detectors and a REM pod with a stationary camera in this room.

After the equipment was setup, Christy stepped outside

for a few minutes. As she came back in through the front

door asking if she should lock it or not, a female voice was heard on Kathy's audio recorder that was not apparently heard at the time of the investigation.  On the clip titled, "Female during set-up," the voice is heard at 9 seconds and 17 seconds into the clip. The recorder was located on the top of the cabinet near the shower in the master bathroom. The voices on the rest of the clip are the team and the clients. It is not known what this voice is saying.

Walkthrough and Sweeps

After the setup was complete, the team began the sweeps phase. The sweeps phase of the investigation is when the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or

fluctuations along with photographs of the environment.


During the sweeps, our team started in the front pool table room but immediately went to the front bedroom of the home due to hearing a REM pod activation. Before entering the room, our team began taking photographs. 

Once inside the room, our team began an impromptu sit-down and started asking questions.  Christy asked, “If there is someone here in spirit, could you make it go off again for us?”  The REM pod activated again.  “Rempod2.”

This device gives off its own electromagnetic field and is able to detect changes in that field if something goes near or touches the antenna on the device. The stronger the break in the field, the more lights and higher pitch sounds it emits.  This device went off several times inconsistently throughout the night. It did seem to alarm more often when the team was out of the room. There were no cell phones in the vicinity of this device while it was alarming. A clip is attached giving an example of the Rem Pod activity. This particular clip shows the Rem Pod activity at the same time when Christy had heard a voice say, “Hey” in the other room.   This voice is not heard on the video recording’s audio because the alarm of the REM Pod is too loud.

During our time in this room, our team thought we heard a sound outside of one of the bedroom windows.  We went over to the window to take a look and as we did, Christy’s audio recorder recorded an EVP of a woman’s voice saying, “dale” or “help” or “hell.”  We were uncertain as to exactly what this EVP was saying.

Our team continued our investigation sweeps into the front pool table room.  During this time Christy’s audio recorder picked up an EVP saying, “oh shit.”  Also during this time, Christy’s audio recorder picked up an EVP of an “unknown whispery sentence.”  As our team moved our way from the pool table room into the kitchen, Christy’s audio recorder also picked up an EVP of a woman’s voice saying, “help.”  As we made our way from the dining room into the living room of the home, Christy was commenting about how she knows she just heard another audible voice in there by the dining room area.  It was during this time that Christy’s audio recorder picked up an EVP saying, “hey.”  It would appear that something was definitely trying to get our attention audibly.



 No evidence collected during the final sit-down in the living room areas of the home.  There were also no personal experiences experienced during

the sit-down in the living room area either.  The   front bedroom area was more active for our initial sit-down.  This would make sense since this room once belonged to the elderly woman who lived in the home prior to her death.  



Our group wrapped up on investigation of this

location and recorded no further evidence.  We

did speak with the client and explained our thoughts of who we felt might be haunting the home.


Our group feels like this home has 1 spirit present.  This spirit we feel is a former resident (now deceased.)  This female spirit was elderly when she passed and we feel was confused about the new ownership of her previous home.  This home was sold 15 days after this spirit’s passing thus leading to the confusion and her looking for family members who were no longer present living in the home.  We do feel like this spirit will eventually leave the residence with the help of the current homeowners once she recognizes that her family members are no longer living there or coming back to reside in the residence.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments:

One of the rooms I felt most drawn to was the front bedroom.  I picked up on an 

elderly female and felt she was still earthbound since her energy was very heavy.        What I couldn’t understand at first was why I would feel her energy close by and then far away.  It wasn’t until after the sit-down that I was informed that this elderly lady in life had Alzheimer’s disease, which would explain the feelings I was getting.  I also got

a quick flash of this younger woman who was dark-headed and a young man on a beach with the ocean in the background.  I saw big smiles on  their faces and the sun was shining brightly.  I knew that they were enjoying their day.  The current homeowners informed me upon our evening conclusion that the elderly woman had passed had dark brown hair and the family did have a home by the beach that they spent a lot of time at in their younger years.  Upon research of the family, a photo was found of this spirit when she was younger and she had dark brown hair like I had seen in my vision of them. 

I also got an image of the rock and roll group, “The Beatles” and heard the song by them called, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”  This made no sense to me but after talking to the homeowner, she told me that the previous homeowner (daughter of the deceased) liked the Beatles and had pictures of them hanging in her home. 

Overall I felt like the spirit that was here in this home was that of the previous resident who lived in this home with her daughter.  I felt she stayed in the home because she was confused to her current spiritual state and the fact that her daughter and relatives no longer living there in the home.  During the sit-down, I tried to explain to the elderly woman about what had happened to her and her family and I let her know that she needed to cross over to the other side where she would meet her husband and family who had proceeded her in death.  We also talked with the current homeowners and let them know to keep encouraging the spirit to move on and cross over since this was now their home.

A couple of weeks after our investigation at this location, I did check in with the homeowners to ask them if they were experiencing any more paranormal activity.  They responded no and they felt that the elderly woman had finally moved on.

He did tell me of a strange incident where the client had someone try to use sage to “burn him out.”  He didn’t like the sage and said that it “tore his body apart.”  I was confused as to what he meant by this so he showed me himself in spirit and then showed the sage pulling his spiritual fibers apart making him dissipate. I had never seen something like this before or heard of a spirit describing it this way either.

I did try to talk to Josh and let him know he needed to forgive and cross over so he could find some peace. Even after talking with him, I didn’t get the feeling that he was convinced of this and didn’t feel like he would be willing to cross over on his own. I did give him this option though with lots of explanation on why and how. I feel like he needs to do this in order to find the peace he truly needs. If he doesn’t, his soul will continue to remain in misery and he will continue to haunt this location.

evidence collected

There were 6 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 1 audio clips.  

There were 0 positive photo and 1 positive video clips.


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