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Meeko's house


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Vicky, Kym and Mary


Equipment used:  CCD-TRV37 Sony 8mm nightshot camcorder,  2 DCR-TRV520 Hi8 Sony nightshot camcorders, Digital audio recorders: 1 Olympus Digital Audio Recorder, 1 RCA Digital Audio Recorder, Hp318 Digital Still camera,Kodak 35mm, 400 speed disposable camera, Sony Mavica Digital Still camera, 2 Gauss Masters, 2 EMF array meters, 1 Electro Sensor, 1 Tri-Field EMF meter

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family.  The homeowners noticed strange activity within the home shortly after moving in and began keeping an organized journal of the events that were taking place.  We were very surprised to find a journal of events kept by the homeowners as this is not usually done by most homeowners until we are in contact and recommend if they can to keep a written journal of events to help us look for any patterns or connections in activity until we are able to conduct the actual investigation. NOTE***With the homeowner’s permission, we will include the notes they kept of the on going activity and incorporate them here in the end of this report. Below are the homeowner's personal log notes:

  • Unexplained Events
    (Beginning Oct. 21, 2002)
        Wife feels an overwhelming oppressive presence while alone in the house for the first time. Oct 21, 2002

  • We hear voices in the entry hall around 2:00 am. We think it is our son coming in late, but when we checked he was sound asleep in bed. 

  • Chest of drawers in front of our bed begins to pop loudly each night around 3:00 am. 

  • I wake up around 3:00 am to a one-sided conversation coming from the living room area. It sounds like a female voice pleading. I think it is daughter talking to someone on the phone.  When I get up to check everyone is asleep in bed. 

  • I wake up to a two-sided conversation in the living room. I think someone is up watching TV, when I check all is quiet.  I wake up at 3:00 am to a woman’s voice calling me by name.

  • Popping dresser continues. 

  • We wake up to find black soot through out the house. It was even inside the microwave and refrigerator.  Called a heating/air service company to check out the heater. They said everything was working fine and there was no sign of a malfunction.

  • A carbon monoxide detector, purchased after the soot incident, flashes green then red during the night. The next day the only way I could get the red light to flash was if the alarm was sounding.

  • While my wife is taking a shower, the shower handle turns from hot to cold on its own. 

  • Our son tells us of a feeling of being watched and that something is waiting to "get" him in his room at night.  He is obviously shaken and sleeps in the living room with the lights on for several nights.

  • A pictured stored in the garage disappears and then reappears right where it was after three of us look high and low for it. 

  • We call in a minister and his father. We all fast for two days and then pray over the house. 

  • We realize that the gun shots we have heard every Sunday morning at 7:00 am have stopped.  No activity for about a month.

  • We hear shuffling footsteps come out of our bath, into our bedroom and then our computer came on by itself. The dresser in our bedroom begins popping again. 

  • A plate with pattern of "Home" turned up missing. We search the house, the cars, anywhere we can think, but we didn’t find the plate.

  • I start to feel a strong presence often while in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. 

  • Our daughter tells us she feels as though someone is watching her at night. 

  • My wife’s house slippers are moved from beside the bed into the closet during the day while we are at work. We find them on a shelf where she never puts them. 

  • I start to feel that a presence has followed me to work on occasion. On one of those days while making copies in the copy room, a friend says that they had heard about what was happening at our house. As I approached the copier she was using, the copier started printing blank pieces of paper. As soon as I moved away it began printing normally again.

  • On that same day, I was in a friend’s classroom telling her about what had happened in the copy room earlier. While visiting she tried to log on to her computer. She tried numerous times and kept getting a log on error. As soon as I left her room she was able to log on.  On another day when I felt like there was a presence at school, everyone was there later than normal because of parent/teacher conferences. I was out in the hall a little after 7:00 PM talking to two co-workers when one of them screamed and ran into their classroom. We followed her in and found her obviously shaken and crying. At first she  wouldn’t tell us what was wrong, then she finally said she had seen something behind me.   She described it as small and circular with a dull glow or reflection. It started out at ceiling level, dropped to about shoulder level and then made a bee-line behind me.

  • April 17, 2003    My wife and I awake to the sound of something hitting the floor around 12:30 am. We find a clothes hanger in the middle of the room, where it could not have fallen from anywhere.

  • April 17, 2003.  I secure a possible EVP.  My wife’s earrings, a birthday gift from me, were moved during the night from her jewelry bag into a plastic sack underneath of two make-up bags. 

  • The shower handle turns from hot to cold again while my wife is showering. 

  • The shower handle turns from hot to cold again while my wife is showering.

  •  May 2, 2003 PICO investigation.

  • One of our clock radios in the master bedroom and the microwave in the kitchen were flashing when we got home. The clock and the microwave are not on the same circuit and nothing else in the house had lost power.

  •  May 7, 2003.  When we came home after work our computer had been turned off and the volume onour TV had been turned all the way up.

  • May 8, 2003.  Teri French(PITT) and two other psychics came to the house. After they walked through the house they gave a report that collaborated PICO’s findings. 

  •  May 9, 2003.  Missing "Home" plate was found on a shelf in the refrigerator in plain view.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The current homeowners have lived in the home for approximately 6 months and have done extensive research into the history of the land. Their research yielded documentation of land ownership all the way back to 1903 where it showed the land to be owned by the Creek Nation.   We have named this investigation Meeko’s House because the primary spirit here was a Creek Chief who once lived on the land many years ago before the white settlers came. When Vicky (PICO) asked the Chief his name, he simply replied in Creek “Meeko”. Mary is Native American and fluent in many of the Native American languages, Creek being one of them. She told us that it was the custom of most Native American Chief’s not to reveal their birth names or a day would be taken from their life. Thus, they preferred to be known as simply “Chief” or as in this case in the Creek language “Meeko”.

Investigation Report

Set Up


Our group wanted to try a little experiment while we were there.  There were 3 of us who were spiritually gifted.  We had a theory that investigators would get more evps when a psychic was not in communication with a spirit more so than when they are speaking to a spirit.  Wanting to test this theory, we decided not to use our spiritual gifts to talk to any spirits until the end of the investigation. Interesting enough, within 10 minutes of being there in the location and setting up, our audio recorders picked up an evp of a man saying, "Oh no, they're psychic!"  After hearing this evp, we came up with the theory that even though we may close off our gifts, spirits are still able to see who have spiritual abilities and gifts to see, hear and help them.


Our group conducted our investigative sweeps of the home.  We conducted a photographic sweep of the location and in the dining room area of the home there was a small light orb that was captured up near the ceiling.  

Below are the listed Rooms and the base log.


Results of the Sweep:   
10:12 pm - Tri field spike (approx. .2 mg by hallway leading into living room)

10:25 pm -Room 1. front west bedroom 72.5 wall temp-ceiling 72.5 temp. Mary had spike on Gauss Meter--1.4 spike@10:26

Room 2. dining, wall temp 75.5 - ceiling. 75.5spike 6 FP 10:31

Room 3. 10:35 74.0 wall temp.--ceiling 75.0 temp

Room 4. 10:41 wall temp. 73.5, ceiling temp. 70.5 fluctuation, 71.5

Room 5. 10:43 72.5 wall temp 72.0 ceiling temp- spike 2 or 3 @ closet door, .1-.3

Room 6. Christy followed double checked, no reading Mary spike 2 @ shower, 1-2-3 Marys spikes - behind door nothingcloset room 5., spike in closet by shoes 3

Room 7.  wall temp. 71.5 & 71.5 ceilingNO BATTERY attached on Gauss Meter and Mary got a spike of approx. .2

Room 8. 10:57 Wall temp 70.5--71.0 ceiling temp

Room 9. 11:01pm 2 thumps in bedroom, spike on EMF meter (approx .2) bedroom wall 69.5, 11:01 pm 7.0ceiling looks like 7.0 ceiling,  #8 11:04 sweep end.

At approximately 11:30pm while coming inside from a short break, we had our camcorders in the living room where we had left them when Kym & Pam & Christy noticed a lens cap attached by the string to a video camera swing out approximately 3 inches, and hit the side of the tripod a minimum of 4 times. It then kept on gently swinging back & forth until it was at a stand still. At approximately 2:45am while in the back bedroom #6, Vicky noted the temperature of the room was approximately 74.0 degrees and was able to measure a temperature drop of 10 degrees to 64.1 while communicating with one of the spirits present.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


Upon arrival to this residence in the City of Jenks, OK, I immediately received impressions of many spirits, curious as to who we were and what we were doing there. I could sense their worried thoughts.During the initial set-up of equipment, I could hear much chatter from spirit. It was as though spirit had grouped together and were discussing our presence This is what I felt. I could not make out exactly what

they were saying. It was very mumbled. I was trying hard to ignore them, thus requiring them to "turn up" their volume for the recorders!  (I did receive some very interesting EVP at this time.) 

After the equipment was set-up and running inside of the residence, PICO moved outside to inspect and take pictures.  I was standing at the south side of the residence when spirit indicated they were near. I sensed a presence along the roof line. I took a picture with Kym's Olympus and got the photo above.   When we moved inside, Mary's Gauss meter was going off in the front bedroom (south-east section of the residence), yet the battery was not fully connected! It was then I saw a very pretty Indian woman laugh at Mary! She appeared to be quite a nasty lady and did a bit of shift-changing later in the evening. She went to black form and became a wolf, bearing her teeth at me!  I believe shift-changing is very common for Indian spirit.  During the "psychic" session for the evening, I began to communicate with a male, American Indian spirit, identified at "Meeko". Meeko indicated he needed acknowledgement from the homeowner in order to have the strength to control the two female spirits who were causing trouble at this residence. He was very unhappy with the behavior of these women, and wished to get them under control!

Mary Franklin, psychic and former medicine woman of her people, translated this session. (Mary has extensive experience and knowledge of several Indian languages). He communicated with both Mary and I, but stuck with me for some unknown reason. Mary translated.  I'm not sure about this, but I think the extremely large quartz rock Mary had brought into this investigation may have made spirit uncomfortable and thereby directing them to me. Mary sat with this large rock at her feet.  I did the best I could, only knowing one language, English!  The Indian words felt "roley-poley" in my mouth! It was a fascinating experience.

evidence collected

There were 4 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was 1 photo and no video clips.



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