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The pollard theater


General Information

Investigators:     Christy and former group members.


Equipment used:  Hand held sony video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, and various EMF meters

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The site of the Pollard Theater was originally occupied by a large wooden dry goods store, built shortly after the Land Run of 1989. The current building, of brick and native stone, was constructed in 1901 as the Patterson Furniture Store. It also served as the local funeral parlor, since it was easy enough for cabinet makers to also manage the town's need for coffins. 

In 1919, George A. Pollard purchased the building and converted it into a vaudeville house. Pollard was elected mayor of Guthrie in 1920 and leased the theater to Ned Pedigo and A.B. Florence for five years. In 1926,

The latest renovation of the building began in January, 1986, with over $500,000 donated by private industry and foundations and a $120,000 Urban Development Grant. The auditorium and stage received most of the attention, since the task was to prepare a home for Oklahoma's resident professional theater company. Students from Guthrie High School did a lion's share of the work converting the 48'x18' movie stage to the current 50'x50' theater stage, completing the proscenium arch, installing new seats and ensuring handicapped access. Riggers from San Antonio built a 14-line counterweight system for hoisting scenery,

and the stage roof was raised 22 feet. Much of the old Melba was preserved, however, including the 1920's murals that adorn the auditorium and the original tin ceiling and wrought iron chandeliers in the lobby. 

The Pollard Company was formed in late 1987 and took over much of the finishing work, creating the scene shop, dressing rooms, and office space in the adjacent Beland Building. The Pollard auditioned over 600 people to find the 17 who formed this original group. Many of the founding group still form the nucleus of the Pollard Company. The Company members continue to function as performers, directors, designers, carpenters, costumers, painters, and in all other tasks a professional theater requires. 

Al R. Powell leased the theater. Silent films and vaudeville programs were popular until 1929. With the advent of talkies, Powell reconstructed the building, adding a large stage and orchestra pit, hand-painted wall murals, vita phone talking picture equipment, a grand marquee with room atop for an orchestra, and seating for 800. The theater was rechristened the "Melba," after a local citizen's daughter and hailed as Oklahoma's first all-sound motion picture theater. During the depression, Powell would accept an egg as admission-eggs were in short supply then-and he made a business of boxing them for sale in the theater. The Powell family, current owners of Guthrie's drive-in theater, operated the theater until 1986. 

Investigation Report

Below is the video from Fox News 25 from our investigation at this location.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I went into this investigation knowing very little about the building and its history.  We had agreed to investigate the Pollard Theater because it was "alleged" to be haunted which piqued our curiosity.  The theater appeared very quiet and I was at first starting to think that there was nothing to it other than being "allegedly haunted." 

Our group was broken up into two groups for the sweeps, with the two psychics separated.  Fox 25 News joined us with reporter Chris Montana and two of their camera crew.  I wasn't planning on giving any impressions as I wanted the news report to be over the technical side of what our group did, but Chris Montana didn't seem as interested in reporting the technical side as he was the "psychic" side of things.  According to him, it would appear that the general public seemed more interested in hearing "ghostly tales" that could possibly be told from the "ghosts" of the theater than the technical side of things.  So per request of Chris Montana, we were asked to let him know if we saw or heard anything while conducting our investigation. 

Stage Prop. Area (Room #4)


I noticed while in this area that part of the original wall between buildings abruptly stopped. I felt drawn to the area, but could not understand the connection with the partial wall other than to say it had some significance.   I then walked into the small tool closet and saw an elderly gentleman sitting on one of the bar stools in the room.   He did not say anything, nor did he appear to try to communicate.   I believe we may have frightened him as he immediately disappeared within seconds after I entered the small room. 

Actor's Area/Dressing Room (Room #5)


I walked through the halls of the dressing room area when a bit of movement caught my eye from within one of the rooms.  It was then that I saw a lady with dark hair sitting at one of the dressing tables.  She simply smiled at me and quickly disappeared.  It was while we were continuing with our sweeps when Erik heard thumps coming from within the dressing room.  We also heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the room above us when no other persons occupied the building. 

Admin. Area/Old Housing Rooms (Room #7)


This area was a favorite of mine.  While conducting our sweeps in this area, we had several interesting things happen.  Several of us witnessed the bathroom door opening on its own (could not be re-created) and unfortunately, of the three video cameras present, not one captured it on film.  A large crash was also heard in this area, and the source was not able to be located. Erik also heard an audible male's voice saying "hello" while in this area.   It was in this area that I came across a small boy between the ages of four and five.  He was very shy at first and insisted on playing games with us.  He showed me his red ball and showed me that at one time while he was playing, he had bounced his ball down the stairs and had gone running

after it only to fall and injure himself.  He did not specify to me if he was killed from the fall, but only that he was injured.  He later revealed his name as being Issac and said that his mother was there with him. 

This investigation was a very interesting one, and we hope to go back for further investigations and without media where it will be easier to conduct our investigation.  We do thank Fox 25, Chris Montana, and their two camera crew who were most fun to spend time with.  We even appreciate the opinions of the skeptic who took part in the Fox News 25 airing as it was great to have the opinion of an outsider who, like us, likes to approach things with a open and skeptical mind.

evidence collected

There were 4 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no photos and no video clips.


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