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A House Divided


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Curtis, Kathy, Gary and Donna


Equipment used:  DVR, 6 IR video cameras, 1 full spectrum video camera, personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer and 2 KII EMF meters, Rem Pod and other person emf and recording equipment.

Cam 1 – Master bedroom

Cam 2 – Son's room

Cam 3 – Daughter's 1 bedroom

Cam 4 – Living Room – Full spectrum camera

Cam 5 – Downstairs daughter's 2 bedroom.

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, daughter, and son. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

Client Claims for Home:

  • Strange noises and talking are heard when the family tries to


  • Loud noises are heard coming from the master bedroom

  • Shadows are seen throughout the house.

  • The male client has been scratched.

  • Male, female and children's voices are heard in the house.

  • The family hears children running in the hallway.

  • The family feels like they are being watched.

  • The clients have had things knocked off their walls and have had things broken.

Client Claims for Old Abandoned Home:

  • The family has audibly heard “get out” in the front of the home they are remodeling.

  • They have heard children playing in the house.

  • They have had things moved in the old and new house.

  • The family has heard male, female and children's voices in the home.

  • They feel like they are being watched and do not get a good feeling in the house.

  • The clients feel like the activity comes from this old house.

There have been no documented deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s home has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and is 2,069 square feet.  It was built in 1950. It has gone through renovations in the past. The client purchased the home in February of 2017.

The client also owns the property to the west of the home. This home is 1,140 square feet with 6 rooms that was built in 1920.  This home is in bad shape and has remained empty and unkept for many years.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our group arrived at this location at approximately 8:12pm.  Our group began our client walk through around 8:120pm.  Christy waited outside near the vehicles while she was waiting on the client interview and walkthrough to be completed.  At approximately 8:40pm while Christy was outside, she heard what sounded like footsteps walking up to her right.  She turned around and looked thinking it was one of the clients but there was no one there.

Our group started their walk through of the old house first.  Both clients took us through the old home.  During this time and at approximately 8:34pm, Donna who was carrying her audio recorder picked up a child saying, “You’re okay, aren’t you?”  Earlier in the evening, Donna was having some issues with one of her legs hurting and the pain was there for the entire evening.  We think this evp

could have been in reference to one of the ghost children noticing her limp and asking her if she was okay.  



Our group started bringing in our equipment around 9:03pm.  Donna had her audio recorder sitting in the living room. It captured an evp that said, “come on.”


9:05pm – The group began our set up of equipment throughout the house.  We were in the process of setting up some of our stationary dvr cameras when at approximately


9:12pm -Gary heard an exhale sound coming from in the living room area.  This “exhale” sound was

captured on our audio recorder by three different investigators.  No one else heard this at the time except for Gary.  Donna’s audio recorder also picked up this same “exhale” sound.  


We recorded a little audio clip of the event.  We continued to set up our equipment and I guess our presence there was noticed as Christy’s audio recorder picked up a raspy voice that said, “they know.”

At 9:15pm, the team was still setting up equipment.  Donna’s audio recorder was sitting on the recliner in the living room and it captured a female voice that said, “I knocked.”


At 9:17pm Gary was setting up a camera in the downstairs daughter’s bedroom.  He was bent over the camera setting the angle when he saw a shadow of a child’s head on the floor.

At 9:20pm, Christy, Donna and Kathy were in the kitchen looking at the dvr and discussing camera angles when Donna’s audio recorder captured a child’s voice saying, “Does anyone wanna hang around and play with me?”

At 9:22pm, Christy was in the doorway of one of the daughter’s bedroom asking a couple of the investigators who were inside the room setting up cameras when she heard a female’s voice that sounded like it said, "Sally" or “Sam.”  This was recorded on our audio recorders.

During this time too, Donna’s audio recorder was still sitting on the recliner of the living room and captured a man’s voice saying, “Get out.”

At 9:23 and right after Christy heard the “Sam” sound, Gary heard a “psssst” sound coming from the entrance of the living room hallway and it was also captured on his audio recorder.

At 9:27pm, Curtis and Donna were in the daughter’s bedroom in the front of the house setting up a camera when they both saw a large Hello Kitty stuffed animal fall from the bed and land upside down and turned around on the floor.  No one bumped the bed to cause the doll to fall.  Baffled by the incident, later our group talked to the clients and told them about the doll falling and we were told that the daughter reports that the Hello Kitty doll gets thrown off the bed all the time.  Shortly after this, Donna’s audio recorder captured a child’s voice saying, “Get out.”

At 9:49pm, Christy was walking across the living room to get a flashlight out of her bag when she heard whispering that was “unknown…..yeah,” as if it were a two part conversation.  Gary also recorded this incident on audio and his audio recorder picked up a voice that said, “Doing.”  It sounded like 3-4 syllables being said.  As she heard this, she was walking past Gary and they both turned to look at each other and both stated they had just heard the whispering too.  Kathy also heard it from the kitchen area where she was. 


The team began the walkthrough and sweeps phase of the investigation at about 10:18 pm in the older daughter’s bedroom in the back of the house. They moved to the kitchen at about 10:24 pm and then on to the master bedroom for sweeps and a sit-down EVP session at about 10:28 pm.

Around 10:26pm in the master bedroom, Christy heard a man mumbling but what he was saying couldn’t be heard.  Christy was talking about the accident of the family she had been picking up on.  Donna’s recorder was on the bed, and picked up a male voice saying, “hot.”  We had one other incident that occurred when we were in the

master bedroom.  The team experience hearing a bump in the master bedroom at 10:43 pm that was picked up on Kathy’s audio recorder.  We wanted to verify with Gary who was at base if he had heard or seen anything or if he had made the noise himself.  We asked Gary who said no he hadn’t made a knocking type of sound.  


As the sit-down continued, Christy said she heard a man’s voice, but nothing was captured on audio.   It was approximately 11:09pm when Christy came through the living room into the kitchen to talk to Gary.  Gary’s audio recorder happened to pick up a female voice that said, “Help me.”

Another interesting thing happened at 11:23pm.  Christy had just addressed the ghost family of 4 and was trying to get them to tell their story when Gary’s audio recorder captured a child’s voice that said, “I want to come back, but he won’t let me stay.”  About 25 seconds later after this was recorded, Christy said, she just heard a child say, “I want to come back.”  We can only assume that one of the children wanted to come back and talk to us but their dad wouldn’t let them.

They moved to the little boy’s room at 11:25 pm, the little girl’s room at 11:28 pm, and the living room to conduct a sit-down or EVP session at 11:34 pm. 

While in the living room conducting our sit-down, Donna begins addressing the family and invites them to talk into any of the recorders/equipment we have.  It was at this time that Gary’s audio recorder picked up a child’s voice that said, “Can’t, my dad right now is looking.”  Again this seemed like the children wanted to talk to us but their father was preventing them from doing so.  Approximately ten minutes later, Kathy’s audio recorder picked up a whisper.

At 11:28pm we were conducting a sit-down in the living room area and the team was doing an evp session asking questions.  Christy heard a man’s voice very loud say, “Get out!”  Unfortunately this was not captured on any audio.


At approximately 11:42pm, Donna invited the family of ghosts to come up near the equipment and set it off to let us know that they were around.  Christy heard the male spirit threaten to break the equipment and then she said that she heard a voice that said, “I’m sorry.”  

For the remainder of the evening we experienced nothing else.  It was very quiet.  Christy had tried talking to the spirits present there and was able to speak with the client’s dad who came through but the family of 4 who was present did not want to talk and they were telling us to get out.  Our group even offered help to them but they refused any type of help.  In addition, all baseline readings stayed the same with the exception of over by the fish tanks and the emf was very high but to be expected due to the tanks.

Earlier on in the evening, the group did an outside photographic sweep of the property.  One of the things that we noticed was a strange photograph taken from the outside of the old abandoned home.  What our group noticed was a partial apparition photo of a woman in the doorway of the back side door.  Our group has analyzed this photo and we cannot come to an agreement on whether this is a partial apparition of a woman or whether it is just maxtrixing.   We are showing the original photo below and then the same photo with the woman outlined.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.

or around the old house.  Then again at 11:57pm, Gary's audio picked up a “Huh, huh.”

Christy and Donna walked out of the house together and stopped for a minute to look at the nighttime skies as lightning could be seen off in the distance.  It was at this time that Christy heard 3 footsteps in the grass just a few feet away from where she and Donna were standing.  Christy pointed out to Donna about what she had heard, but when both she and Donna looked, they did not see anyone there who could have made the footsteps.


During the night Gary also had a running audio recorder going and at 10:16pm, his audio recorder picked up footsteps in the old house.  No one was in

At around 11:54pm, Gary’s audio recorder picked up a voice that said, “Bertha.”  Two minutes later while we were breaking down the equipment, Gary’s audio recorder picked up two evps.  One said, “Let’s just see,” and “Okay, you can come out.”  It would appear as if the dad was allowing his family to come back out again because he knew that we were wrapping up and leaving.


At 11:59, Gary’s audio recorder picked up an evp that said, “huh.”  As our team was pulling out equipment from the master bedroom, Gary’s audio recorder picked up a female voice saying, “Welcome.”

 Then at 12:11am, when our team was packing up things in the car and the homeowners were coming back into thehouse, Gary’s audio recorder picked up an evp that said, “No.”

It seemed that we had the most activity and recorded evidence from this investigation during set up and during wrap up.  When our group was wrapping up cords, Christy’s audio recorder that was sitting in the living room captured a male’s voice saying, “So long” as if he was ready for us to be out of there.   


Shortly after wrap-up at Donna’s recorder was in the living room and picked up a female saying, “hey” 

Client Wrap Up


Our team carried out all of our equipment and let the family get comfortable inside the house.  We then came back into the house to talk to the family about how our investigation went.  Before sitting down, Christy grabbed a cold water from out of her ice chest and her audio recorder captured a male voice that said, “Don’t drop that,” as if he were referring to her water bottle since it was cold and slick from being in the ice chest. Our group finished talking with the clients and we headed off to go home.  



Our team feels like a family of 4 ghosts is haunting this home.  There’s a husband, wife and their two children, a young boy and a young girl.  Given the evidence we recorded from this location and from our experiences in the home, we do not feel like this "family" wanted any help.   They appeared to be happy the way that they were, even if it was aggravating the current family who lived there. We do feel like the father of this ghost family can act out in aggressive ways and influences his family in spirit to cause grief for the current homeowners as well.  Multiple cleansing of this location have already been done but to no avail.  Our team will continue to try to help this family find someone who can help this family of 4 cross over and leave the residence. 


As a note, we also feel like the male homeowner’s father is there in spirit as well but he is not there haunting the family.  He is there to help his son.


Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I started having experiences shortly after arriving to this location.  I was outside waiting on the team to finish their in-home interview and walk through with the clients.  I was sitting outside by our vehicles when I suddenly heard several footsteps coming up from behind me on the right.  When I turned around to look, there was no one there.

Later when I went into the house to start helping the team set up, I had several personal experiences in the home.  When I tried to communicate with the spirits who were there in the home, I learned that there was a family of four who were there in spirit.  There was a father, mother and two children, a boy around 7 or 8 years old and a girl who was around 5 or 6 years old.  I saw the family traveling on vacation when they were killed in a car accident.  The dad felt like I was trying to get to personal and so he refused to talk to me and told his family not to talk to me either.  I didn’t push the issue with him but I did let him know that we would help them in anyway that we could if they wanted help.  The dad came out and told me that they didn’t want our help and to leave them alone.


While we were in the master bedroom doing a sit-down, I had this older man who came through to me.  He didn’t tell me his name but he told me that he was the male homeowner’s dad.  He told me he had a message for his son and he asked me to give it to him.  He also let me know that he wasn’t stuck there in the home like the other 4 spirits.  He was just there visiting his son.  I promised him I would if he could wait until we were done with our investigation.  I did ask him if he would be able to help this ghost family of 4 out of the house.  He told me that he had tried but that he wasn’t able to.  


This investigation was a very odd since there was one family who currently lived there in the physical form and then there was a family of four who lived there in spirit.  You would think that the spirit family would go live and occupy the old empty house that sat on the same property but that wasn’t the case.  This definitely made the occupied house become a house divided.  


Before I left, I made sure I kept my promise and passed on the message to the male homeowner from his dad.  He seemed relieved to get the message from his dad whom he had been missing badly for the past year since his dad had passed.  


Overall, I may not have been able to help this family of four, but I was happy that I could at least help the client’s father.  I just hope this ghost family of 4 chooses to cross over soon.

Donna’s audio recorder also picked this conversation up and is the audio file called, “whispers.”

At about 10:04 pm, Kathy was setting up an electromagnetic field detector (K-II meter) in the son’s room on the crib, Donna was in the living room and the rest of the team was outside. The front door was still open with the storm door closed. No voices from outside could be heard from Kathy’s recorder. The only background noises picked up were the fish tanks. Kathy’s recorder was on the coffee table when it picked up a high pitch and low pitch voice recording. Donna had told Kathy that she had been hearing whispers in a conversation. Five minutes later, the team was back in the house. Christy was telling Gary that she way a shadow on the floor from the back room as Kathy’s recorder picked up a female or kid voice.

The Old House

Since the clients had experienced some activity in the old house they were tearing down, they wanted us to conduct a little investigative sweep of the house.  Our team went over to the old house to conduct a small investigative sweep with hand held equipment.  Our group did a sweep of the house and then left to go back to the main house since we needed to talk to the clients before we left for the evening.



At approximately 11:46pm our team began wrapping up our investigation.  A thunderstorm with lighting, thunder and rain was seen off in the distance so we knew it would be arriving soon.  Our clients had been patiently waiting for us outside so we wanted to hurry and let them have their house back fully before the storm arrived. 

I also wanted to note that the homeowners originally felt like the activity was coming from the old house and then coming into their home.  They thought that perhaps the old empty home's past had caused spirits to be there connected to it.  I honestly felt like this old house wasn't the root cause of their haunting.  The homeowners had talked about tearing down the old empty home for various reasons.  I thought that perhaps they also wanted to tear it down in hopes that their home's activity would also stop.  Since our investigation there, the homeowners have torn down the old house but report that the activity still continues in their home.  Despite their attempts to get a preacher and a priest and others who perform clearings of homes and properties, their activity and haunting continues.

evidence collected

There were 36 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 4 sound clips.  

There was 1 possible photo and no video clips.



"Can't, my dad right now is looking"

"Get out" child's voice

"Come on"


"Don't drop that"

"Exhale" (during set up)

"Exhale" in living room


Welcome (female voice)

"Hey" female voice - wrap up

"Unknown" female/kid voice

"Get out"

"Ha" or "Hey"

"Help me"


"huh-Huh"  (Old house)

"Does anybody wanna hang around and play with me?


"I knocked"

"I'm sorry"

"Let's just see"


"Ok you can come out"

"Pssst, pssst"


"Sam" (#2)

"So long"

"They know"

"Unknown and yeah"

"Unknown voice & footsteps (old house)

"Unknown whisper"

"Whisper & Lookout here they come"

"Unknown whispers

"You're okay, aren't you?"

"I want to come back, he won't let me stay.

sound clips

3 Footsteps

Bump in master bedroom

High & low pitch voice/sound

Knock 2 in master bedroom


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