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Earlsboro cemetery


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Donna, Gary, Curtis and Maddie


Equipment used:  Hand held video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, and various EMF meters

OKPRI's Movie Documentary of our Investigation here at Earlsboro Cemetery.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

Earlsboro is named for James Earls, a local African American barber who had been an orderly for Confederate Gen. Joseph "Joe" Wheeler. The town plat identified the town's name as Earlsborough. However, it was changed to Earlsboro when the post office opened on June 12, 1895. In 1891 the Choctaw Coal and Railway (later the Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad) extended its line west from the Seminole Nation, and the town was formed in Oklahoma Territory, one-half mile from Indian

Territory (I.T.). The town has had two significant booms. In 1959 the Daily Oklahoman reported that Earlsboro "was the town that whisky built and oil broke." As liquor was illegal in I.T., whisky fueled Earlsboro's first boom.


The town's first three businesses were saloons, and the close proximity to I.T. attracted many customers and merchants. Local historian Joy Mize recounts tales of a "wild whisky town, and murders and street fights were common." Despite its violent nature, Earlsboro prospered. The citizens established a blacksmith shop, cotton gins, a school district, and churches. By 1905 the population reached an estimated five hundred, and approximately 90 percent of the merchants profited from liquor sales. After 1907 statehood and prohibition Earlsboro's population stood at 387, and the economy declined. Lacking profits from whisky, consumers and merchants soon left. However, the agricultural settlers, who supported the cotton gins and new businesses, kept the town alive. 

At the time when Earlsboro was founded in the late 1800's, segregation was not yet in affect  Thus the original cemetery in Earlsboro was an all black cemetery since it's population consisted of African American residents.  As the town's population began to grow, white residents moved in so a white cemetery was erected.  Later after segregation came into affect, people of both races were buried in both cemeteries.

One of the unique things our group noticed about this cemetery was that there were a lot of headstones that had the "N's"  written backwards such as the last one here on this headstone.  We have done some research on why the "N's" were written backwards and we could not find out an exact reason why but did learn that it was common with African American people between the 1700's-1800's.

Our team had previously been out to this cemetery numerous times and have always had some good luck experiencing and recording paranormal activity.  This cemetery has been known to produce evps and photographs.  Below are a couple of photos that our team has captured in the past.

Investigation Report

Our team contacted the Sheriff's Department for this area and gained permission to once again investigate this old cemetery.  Once there, we took out hand held equipment and began our investigation.  Our team split up into 3 different teams consisting of 2-3 people and we covered all areas of the cemetery.  Shortly after starting our investigation, Kathy's audio recorder picked up a "woman's voice in 2 syllables" heard towards the end of the clip under us talking.  Not to long after starting our investigation, Kathy who was using the full spectrum digital camera

captured a strange misty image.  In the left side of the photo going into the middle of the photo are a couple of elongated mists.  Kathy took a couple more photos right afterwards and it didn't show the same result. Kathy explains it in a little video we made right after she captured the photo.

One of our group members thought they heard footsteps in the cemetery off in the distance.  The grass was somewhat high and the grass was very dry so it was easy to hear movement in the grass.  Because of what she heard, she headed that way and began taking photos.  She was using a digital camera so she was able to instantly see the photos that she was taking.  She took one shot and she saw a strange two-toned image in the photo.  She kept taking photos to see what else she could capture but nothing else unusual was captured.  We took a little video of her experience.                                         

Gary was off in another section of the cemetery and said that he heard some shuffling and movement going through tall grass.  He went towards the sound that he heard and he began taking photographs but nothing showed up in his photos. We did record his personal experience.

Christy, Donna, & Ashley were in the back corner of the cemetery looking for an old grave Christy wanted to show the group when Ashley’s recorder captured what sounded like someone shouting “Let’s go!” The other team members were on the other side of the cemetery, & their voices were not be captured on the recorder at that time.


Ashley & Donna were towards the back fence at the middle of the cemetery discussing a decorated grave. Both women heard a very loud “Shh” behind them. They asked the other team members if they had made the sound, but all said they had not. Immediately

after this Ashley felt something pull or brush through her hair. She investigated to find anything that she might have brushed against but could not find anything.  We also took a video of their experiences.

We continued our investigation until we had covered every part of the cemetery thoroughly.  Towards the end of the evening we covered an area of the cemetery that was closer by the road.  It was during this time that Christy's audio recorder picked up an evp of a male's voice that said, "Don't trust nobody."  We thought this was an interesting evp since we have found that sometimes spirits can be leary about investigators and may shy away from investigators present

We did have one other interesting photo that was taken.  Kathy took this photograph with our full spectrum camera.  The full spectrum camera does take pictures with a light pink hue, but it will show anomalies in a darker shade of pink.  There were two photographs taken, the one with the strange hot pink light anomaly up in the left hand side of the photograph and a photo that is normal in hue.    

Since it was getting late and since we had another investigation location to go to , we decided to wrap up for the evening.  We were excited to go over our evidence from this location to see what we might have gotten.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I was very excited to be able to come back to this cemetery.  I have always enjoyed myself every time I have visited!  On this particular visit I felt like there were several spirits who were watching us during our time there.  There was one woman in particular who kept following behind us.  She appeared to be curious about what we were doing. Overall though, the cemetery felt peaceful like usual and we enjoyed our time there.

evidence collected

There were 3 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation, 0 sound clips.  

There were 3 photos and no video clips.


"Don't trust in no one"

Female voice - 2 Syllables

"Let's go"


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