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The disgruntled romeo


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Cyrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Cam1 – Master bedroom facing hallway and bathroom; geophone on bed

Cam2 – Bedroom 1 facing closet door

Cam3 – Bedroom 2 facing whole room

Cam4 – Upstairs Loft facing whole room

Cam5 – Living room facing whole room

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, daughter, and son. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Had a group come in 2 years ago but never heard back from them afterwards. Had some flashlight activation & heard weird noises during investigation.

  • Client has been dragged down 4-5 inches in her bed

  • Black figure seen in loft

  • Dog interacts with something unseen

  • Son has had several experiences & will not stay home alone

  • Hear strange noises - knock or large bang on house about every other night

  • Closet door opens on its own - son has seen a black figure walk out of it & into his room - have the closet door blocked shut so that it will not's been happening more frequently

  • 2 months ago they tore out the carpet & put down hardwood floors - ceiling fan with light with turned off & on all the time during renovations (still happens but not as much)

  • Has woken up at night & not been able to move - has also been pushed, shoved & sat on while in bed (knows about sleep paralysis)

  • Certain parts of house feel creepy

  • Husband is worried it's going to hurt them

  • Client has had something around her since the 5th grade

  • Client is Wiccan & so is her daughter - She says she is careful with her circle but daughter has not always been so careful

  • Client was home alone & thought she saw her son walk through the house. A while later he came home & she realized it wasn't him.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This home was built in 1983 and is 1968 square feet.  It consists of 3 bedrooms, one living room and kitchen and it has an upstairs loft area.

Since it's purchase in 1983, this home has been owned by three different families.  

There have been no confirmed or reported deaths in this home and no history ties to the cause for a haunting.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowners. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity. At the conclusion of the tour, the clients sat in the living room while the investigation was being conducted. Christy was waiting outside in the vehicle as usual but the team had taken her audio recorder inside with them and had placed it on a table in the living room area. A few minutes after the female homeowner started explaining about the living room ceiling light, Cyrena’s audio recorder which was sitting on a living room side table captured a female voice that sounds like it is saying "he died." While in the master bedroom, Christy’s audio recorder captured an EVP of a male’s voice saying, “fuck you."   After Ashley and Cyrena finished the in-home interview with the client, they went outside to invite the remaining team and gather the equipment to be brought into the home. While outside Ashley left her recorder running in the living room. During this period, her recorder captured a male voice saying “Bullshit...leave us.” The group could not tie this voice to anyone in the home at that time.



Our team began setting up equipment throughout the house. Our DVR base was located in the kitchen area of the home. As the team was talking amongst ourselves about the set-up, Christy’s audio recorder was sitting in the living room area when it recorded an EVP of a male’s voice saying, “That’s right.”


Towards the end of set-up, Christy was talking to the homeowners who were telling her about a previous team who had come in and investigated the home but they had never gotten back with them to tell them what evidence if any was recorded and what the team’s conclusions were about the haunting.  Christy asked the question, “Do you know the name of them?  (Referring to the name of the other group who had previously investigated.)  Before the client had a chance to respond, Christy’s audio recorder captured an EVP of a male voice saying, “They’re black.”


After the equipment was set up, the team began a general walkthrough of the home. While in the master bedroom area, Christy’s audio recorder was sitting on the bed and captured a squeaking sound.




After the walk-thru our team took a short break outside.  Christy’s audio recorder was again placed in the living room area on a table.  The homeowners were talking to each other and off and on when Christy’s audio recorder captured an EVP of a male voice saying, “Get out.”



Our team began the sweeps phase of the investigation. The sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment. EMF and temperature readings assessed and no changed from the baseline readings were noted on the second investigation.


While taking baseline readings in the kitchen area, Christy’s audio recorder was sitting on the kitchen countertop when it captured an EVP of a male’s voice saying, “Watch that shit.”


While walking down from taking readings in the upstairs loft, the sound of running footsteps can be heard from Cyrena's recorder which was sitting in the back bedroom.



After the sweeps phase was completed, Ashley and Christy set up an audio experiment in the son’s bedroom. They turned on Ashley’s phone to play ragtime music and left it alone with the door closed. During this time, Cyrena's audio recorder in the next bedroom over, captured what sounds like whistling, as if someone was whistling through their teeth to the music. Right after that, her recorder also captured what sounds like a loud tap. After approximately 10 minutes, the group re-entered the room and reported feeling like the room had a high energy field or charge.

Sit Down


When we were doing our sit-down in the master bedroom area, Christy, Curtis and Ashley were asking questions in hopes of getting a physical response. It was shortly after this that Christy’s asked the question, “We would just like to find out a little bit more about you.”  Right afterwards, all three team members hear a Popping Sound coming from the master bedroom bathroom. Ashley and Curtis got up to check out the source of the sound and to see if they could find a source that could recreate the sound. The only thing that came remotely close to recreating the sound was a plastic water bottle that was a quarter full. The bottle was full of air so in order to make the bottle pop, it had to be squeezed fairly hard. 

As the sit-down continued and Christy’s audio recorder was sitting on the bed, Christy standing by the bed and said she felt like the male spirit she had previously described was standing close by her. Ashley then asked if the spirit would go over to the meter with the green light and stand by it so it would activate letting us know he was there.  It was at this time that Christy’s audio recorder recorded an EVP

of a male’s voice saying, “I’m ready.” Continuing to ask questions in hope for a physical response, Christy told the spirit we were trying to find a way for him to communicate with us.  It was right after this that Christy’s audio recorder captured an EVP of a male’s voice that said, “Anywhere safe.”


Also while doing our sit-down in the master bedroom, Christy kept seeing a shadow over by the window.  After a few moments, we heard what sounded like the blinds being messed with as if someone might have run their hand up or down them.

During the sit down phase, Cyrena was watching the DVR cameras, while everyone else was in the master bedroom. Her recorder was still in the back bedroom where the closet door seems open on its own. There was no movement on the camera, but her recorder captured what sounds to be a loud knock.




No evidence was recorded during this phase.




Our team feels like this home is being haunted by 1 male spirit and maybe one female spirit.  The male spirit feels more aggressive and we believe that he will continue to haunt this residence for his own personal reasons.  The female spirit we feel may come and go and may be a relative (grandmother) of the female homeowner.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first entered this house, I felt a surge of energy hit me shortly after I stepped into the entryway of the home.  The energy made me dizzy and I knew that the night might be interesting for spirit activity.   I felt like there might be the spirit of an older woman who felt like a grandmother to one of the homeowners.  When I had the chance to go into the living room, I felt drawn to an old porcelain doll that was sitting

on top the mantle.  I immediately felt a grandmother connection with the doll and the female homeowner.  I asked the female homeowner about the doll and if I could hold it.  She told me yes so I picked up it.  She then confirmed that it was her grandmothers.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the grandmother was there in spirit, not to haunt the home but to be there to watch over the family. When I entered the bedroom of the son, I felt an overwhelming feeling of anger and upset over an incident that had something to do with a childhood memory that turned into resentment.  After talking with the homeowners later in the evening, they confirmed that their son and daughter had sibling rivalry between them while growing up and that the daughter had caused a big incident to occur involving her brother and he had some resentment and upset feelings about this still.


It was in the master bedroom that I felt the strong presence of a male spirit.  I felt like this male spirit had followed the female homeowner home from her place of employment.  He was involved in some sort of accident when he was alive because he looked like he had cuts all over his body and his eyes looked like they were a bit whitish as if death had set into cover his eyes.  He conveyed to me his liking for the female homeowner because she reminded him of his wife.  He stated however that he was very frustrated with her because he felt like she didn’t pay any attention to him and wouldn’t acknowledge him or give him any help.  He admitted to getting kicks out of aggravating the female homeowner and her son.  I feel like this spirit may be one that will stay around because he feels his life had no more purpose and he has nowhere else to go.  He also does not want to be dead and doesn’t want to be in spirit form.  His attitude seemed very disgruntled.  

evidence collected

There were 9 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 6 audio clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips

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