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nicoma park

1 1/3/2002

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Andy, and Justin


Equipment used:  Hand held Sony camcorders, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by two roommates. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The clients see shadows all throughout the home.

  • The clients hear voices throughout the house

  • The bathroom faucets come on by themselves.

  • Doors open and close on their own.

  • They feel like they are being watched.

  • Things move on their own all throughout the home.


There has been 2 deaths in this home.  One in 1977 of a male and one in 2002 of an elderly woman who lived in the home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

Very little information was available on this 2 bedroom, 1 bath wood framed home since the current occupants rented it. Luckily for PICO, the residents were renting this home from family members who had only owned the home for the past 2 years.  From the little history that we do know, the home was built in the 1920’s and has been home to many families. One family in particular was an elderly couple. We do not know if the elderly gentleman died in the home, but we did confirm that the elderly woman died of a heart attack in the home in May of 2002, just 6 months prior to the current renters moving in.

The land in which this home was built on used to be nothing more than undeveloped rural property as was the entire surrounding land in the neighborhood.  It wasn’t until the late 1970’s when developers began building homes in the area that this home started to become surrounded by other residences

Investigation Report

Client Interview


We were contacted by a friend of the renters who asked us to come investigate the home. She stated that her friends were having so much activity that they were planning on moving. When we spoke with the residents by telephone, they expressed their confusion about what was happening in their home and wanted to know if we would conduct an investigation to answer some questions as to why the activity was occurring.  Arrangements were made for an investigation on Dec 2, 2002. (A second investigation was conducted on Jan. 6, 2003).  Our initial investigation began at approximately 11:00pm. At approximately 11:30pm a walk through was conducted in which a sweep was done checking for EMF baselines, along with photographs looking for any anomalies. During the sweep, no anomalous EMF readings were recorded throughout the residence.

Equipment was set up in the kitchen area. After 1 hour of video & audio recording, equipment was moved to the front East bedroom of the home where shadow movement had been noticed by a couple of team members. While setting up equipment, the front East bedroom door slammed shut, but we could not verify whether this was caused from paranormal activity due to clothes hanging on the back of the door causing a possible weight imbalance. Since this occurrence could not be verified, it was considered false positive.

Once equipment was set up in the front East bedroom, one of the psychic’s present connected with the spirit of a young male named Mark. Several EMF meters were positioned in the room and when questions were asked to Mark, there were several activations on our EMF meters in response to our questions. Times of meter activation’s with questions asked are included in this report below and listed in the form of a transcript from our investigation there.

Start time: 2:40 am
Location: Front East Bedroom
Date: November 2, 2003
Equipment was set up in bedroom and sit down began 2:43.11


Gauss Meter & Electro Sensor Activation (See Video)
Christy says “He was stabbed in the back.”


Team member notices cold spot near him.


Christy was talking about the feeling of being stabbed in the back.
Gauss Meter Activation


Gauss Meter & Electro Sensor Activation (See Video)


Question: “Mark will you make our meters go off it if was you I saw who was
stabbed in the back?”


Gauss Meter Activation


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “Can you make those meters go off if you were killed in this room?”


Gauss Meter & Electro Sensor Activation (See Video)


Christy's Impression “I’m getting open windows with a breeze coming through
with the curtain’s blowing. He’s laying on the bed on his stomach.”


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “Mark are you the one who’s been slamming the doors?”


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “Are you slamming the doors because you want to be


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “Is there an older woman that stays here with you, the one who died in
the kitchen, the one who died in the month of May? Is that correct?”


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “Do you not know who it was that killed you? If not, will you make
the meters spike?


Gauss Meter Activation


Gauss Meter Activation


Gauss Meter Activation


Christy was giving her description of what Mark looked like


Gauss Meter Activation


Christy was giving her description of Mark’s hair color


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “Was that you I was describing Mark?”


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “Are you married Mark?”


Gauss Meter Activation


Gauss Meter Activation


Christy was describing the toddler that she had just seen.


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “Did you have a son Mark with blue eyes?”


Gauss Meter Activation


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “I don’t know why you’re telling me August of 77.” Christy then
hears & says, “Killed”


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: (By team member) “Are you tired?”


Gauss Meter Activation


Question: “Were you going to go to sleep maybe when someone came up behind you and stabbed you in the back?"


Gauss Meter Activation


Gauss Meter Activation


Christy describes the toddler she just saw.


Electro Sensor Activation (See Video)


Christy says: “He saw the kid after he had passed. The kid came in here
to get him.”


Gauss Meter Activation


Christy says: “He sees himself laying there and his kid coming in and he can’t, he can’t do anything. He’s upset."


Gauss Meter Activation


Christy says: “He’s upset because the kid’s by himself and he can’t reach out and hold his son.”


Gauss Meter Activation



Christy breaks down with emotion and cries and  is taken out of the room.

month of May, but later I was told that the elderly woman who had lived in the home 6 months prior to the current residents moving in, had indeed died of a heart attack that year in May.

While in the kitchen, I noticed a shadow that kept emerging from the front East bedroom and heard a male’s voice say “Mark”. I then suggested that the sit down with equipment be moved in the front East bedroom. After setting up equipment, we began settling down in our chairs. Right before I sat down, I felt this sharp stabbing pain on the upper right side of my back. It was then that I got the impression of this “Mark” being stabbed in the back.

It was a short time later that I connected strongly with Mark (age approx. 27) and I began to see the room change in appearance. The windows were open and the curtains were blowing inward with the breeze. I got the date August of 1977 and suddenly saw Mark standing up beside the bed stretching. I heard him say “tired” and he proceeded to lie down on the bed when a knife plummeted into the upper right side of his back. I then saw Mark lying on the bed in a puddle of blood with his right arm hanging off of the bed. It was at this point into the investigation that our EMF meters were being set off to verify some of the questions we were asking. 


I then noticed a blonde headed toddler in a diaper, running past the open door of the room. It was then that Mark introduced me to his son through his own memories. I saw Mark standing in spirit outside of his body next to the bed and then saw his son with beautiful blue eyes enter the room and approach the bed where his father’s body lay. The young boy then began shaking his father’s arm as if to wake him and I could faintly hear him calling his father. It was then that I saw Mark in spirit, reaching out his arms to hold his son. Mark kept trying over and over again to let his son know that he was there and I heard him become persistent in saying “Not dead, not dead, I’m alive!” It was then that I felt all of Mark’s emotion’s that had taken place and I then all the sudden started crying uncontrollably. We then ended the session, but before I left, I thanked Mark for communicating with me and told him that I would be back to help him. His main goal was to let us know what had happened to him and his concerns for the reuniting with his young son who is now grown and in his late twenties.

It was on our 2nd visit that we were able to connect with the spirit of a 19 year old female name Alicia who in life had lived down the street from Mark. She loved Mark and wanted to form a relationship with him, but this never happened as Alicia had a bi-polar disorder and Mark considered her to be insane. When Mark refused to return her love and stay in the relationship with his wife and young son, Alicia devised a plan which resulted in Mark’s death. While Mark was alone, she slipped into his bedroom and in a blind rage, stabbed Mark in the back 3 times. It was a year later that Alicia could not get over what she had done and her love for Mark so she committed suicide by an overdosed in her room and died. She told us that she still comes to see Mark, but he still turns her away. Her story is sad, but not as sad as the hurt she caused to Mark and his family.

Alicia told me she buried the knife at the base of a big tree down the street from where Mark lived.  I drove down the street and did see a big tree that fit the description of where Alicia told me she had buried the knife.  I thought about asking the owners of the house if I could go dig at the base of the tree, but I backed out of asking because I figured I would be looked at as crazy.

I did however contact the Nicoma Park police department and I talked to them inquiring about this locations past history and if they could tell me if a murder had ever occurred at this location. I  was told by an older detective who worked there that all of the files from 1977 were paper files and were kept in storage and were inaccessible.   He did tell me however that there was a murder that had taken place in the late 70's and he couldn't remember all of the details, but he did say he didn't think there were any arrests made in the case.  That made me even more sad for Mark that Alicia got away with it in the physical realm, even though I know that she was unhappy in the spiritual realm.   

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


The investigation started out pretty slow as far as psychic impression were concerned. After we set up equipment in the kitchen area, I saw an elderly woman by the kitchen sink cutting something on a cutting board with a knife. We asked her several questions about her name, etc and I heard her say “May” and then saw her clutch her chest and say “Heart attack”. I wasn’t for sure if her name was May or if she had died in the 

evidence collected

There were 0 EVPs that were recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no photos and 4 video clips.


Please note that these videos are grainy and not clear to to the old video camera our team had and used back during this time.  We have posted them just do you can get an idea of what took place during our investigation and to validate the events that took place while we were there.

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