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dick duck cemetery


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Andy and Vickey


Equipment used:  Personal audio recorders, digital cameras, and various EMF meters

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The land for this cemetery was donated by Richard Duck, in the early 1800's. and the cemetery was named after him. The first burial listed is Bonnie Smith d. 1834, meaning the cemetery began about that time. 

Dick Duck cemetery is old, however it is well maintained. Most of the broken stones or unreadable stones are from time not vandals.


There are a variety of people buried here in Dick Duck Cemetery.  There are even some some headstones that say "half-breed" on them indicating a mixed race of individuals who were buried there.  Research indicates that these could be the graves of individuals who were half white and half Native American. 

Investigation Report

The 3 of us met around 7:30pm. We decided to set up a Tri-Field meter on an old grave with a very old headstone. Christy began experiencing unusual spikes on the meter. She reset the meter numerous times, but couldn't explain why the meter was spiking the way it was. 

We were drawn to an area by the North fence. The area was small, approximately 10 feet from the fence to the road. There were 2 small children buried there with headstones. This section of the graveyard was off by itself in one little corner separated by the road from the rest of the graveyard. 

Not to far across the road from this area were more children's headstones which were only marked with "half-breed" and a date in which they died. It was here that Christy recorded an EVP of a child saying "headstone".


In another section of the graveyard, Vicky reported hearing a woman say "See Me". Later on when our EVP was analyzed, Christy had recorded an EVP of a woman saying "See Me" right before Vicky had said she had heard the woman's voice.  At one point in the investigation, Christy and Vicky were talking about how remarkable it was that so many young people were buried in the cemetery. Vicky had made the comment about how many years back people had traveled all the way from the East to the West. The travel and change had caused so many hardships that not many people had lived to be very old. During audio review, an EVP was apparent. When the EVP was analyzed later, an EVP was captured of a person saying "Died Young."

Towards the end of the evening when we were getting ready to pack up and leave, we noticed something bright reflecting from Christy's flash light. It was a silver pin wheel on a veterans grave.  We found it very odd that this pin wheel would at times spin violently as if a strong breeze was blowing it.  Even more strange was that the lightweight flag beside it was not moving at all, nor were any of the leaves on the trees nearby.   Christy had the idea of making a barrier to try and block any wind source that may be affecting the pin wheel.   Once the barrier was made, the pin wheel still moved violently as it would turn in one direction, stop and then turn the opposite direction.  Even the ears of the pin wheel looked as if they were being pulled down at different times one by one as if someone was grabbing a hold of them in order to spin the pin wheel.

While leaving, we began walking back to our cars when we noticed a woman's hat lying on the ground not to far from our cars. We didn't remember the hat being there earlier when we had pulled up and walked into the cemetery. As mentioned earlier, we recorded several great EVP from this location.

We fully enjoyed our time investigating this old cemetery.  Since our initial visit, we had visited the cemetery a couple more times but never turned up any more great evidence as we did that night. Word of our investigation there was found out by Outline Magazine who came and did an interview with our group.  The picture above is that of Andy, Christy, Misty from Outline Magazine and Misty's husband who came along with us on a follow up investigation.



Our team feels like this old cemetery does have a few spirits in it. Given the recorded evidence we recorded and a few personal experiences we had while there, we feel like this cemetery is not one of the most haunted cemeteries, but it does have a few spirits in it and someone may be able to get further evidence of ghostly activity within its gates.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first drove through this little cemetery, I got the impression of many child spirits and found this to be true during our recent June investigation. At first, there was a small boy spirit who followed us around with interest, then ran off! I believe his name was Michael. He appeared to be only about 2 or 3 years old. There was a point during the investigation in which I felt that we were surrounded by spirit. It felt as

though we were being ganged-up-on! I took a few pictures whenever I felt this particular energy nearby. As you can see by the photographs, there was a lot of activity that night!

I was drawn to a particular grave when I heard "see me" in my mind's eye. This was a woman's spirit. She was welcoming us to see her grave. After listening to the tape, you can hear me advising that I heard "see me," then, a heartbeat later, you can hear the EVP of "see me." 

There were so many spirits who were highly irritated by our presence. One even told us to SHUT UP! Then there were those who wanted to share their pain, and their stories. It was a wonderful investigation and I hope to go back another time. 

Below is the article that Misty with Outline Magazine wrote on us and our investigation there at Dick Duck Cemetery.

evidence collected

There were 6 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was one photo and no video clips.


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