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The lost church


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Andy and 2 other Oklahoma paranormal teams


Equipment used:   Personal audio recorders, digital cameras, and various EMF meters

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This church was built somewhere around 1901. Before this church was abandoned in the 1920's, it was an African American church during a time of racial segregation. The location of this church is located in a country area, miles off any main road. There isn't a whole lot of background on this church other than a list of members (now all deceased) and stories told by the previous owner. It has been said that this church was once very strict, and its preacher would even use belts to discipline the children. The church was abandoned after the preacher had a heart attack and died inside the church. Some believe that the preacher, along with some of his congregation still visit the church in spirit.

Investigation Report

Our team was invited by another paranormal group to come out and investigate this old abandoned and crumbling structure.  This other team had previously come out and investigated the old building and swore that it was haunted by members of its past.


Our team arrived at this location and we were very excited to be there.   We decided to set up some stationary cameras in the old building and begin our investigation.  Below is a summary of the things that we experienced that night.


We heard footsteps multiple times throughout the night.

We heard horses outside the building and there was no horses anywhere near the property.

We had our flashlights turned off and on after asking the spirits present to do so.

We heard children laughing and running around the church.

We heard what sounded like old gospel singing in the church.

We heard male, female and children voices throughout the building.

We felt like we were being watched the entire time we were there and at some times we felt very uneasy.

We conducted a sit-down and there were some of the old church benches that some of us decided to sit on.  Christy was sitting on the bench with one other member looking out into the main middle isle. There was a group member from the other team who had been quite annoying with her constant talking throughout the evening.  She was talking through the sit-down and just went on and on.  No one had the heart to tell her to be quiet.  It was about 30 minutes into the sit-down that Christy heard a male voice loudly say, "bitch."   She  turned to her left and started taking pictures in the direction she had heard the voice come from. She  kept taking pictures and to her amazement, she captured 4 amazing photographs that were taken in sequence.  If you look closely enough, it looks as if there is something that starts and begins to grow from picture 1-4.  These pictures were taken with a 35mm point and shoot camera. After we had these photos developed, we looked at the negatives and each form looks like a bunch of circular balls of like (almost like a grape cluster) which forms each image. 


One of the more interesting pieces of evidence besides the photographs was an evp. This evp is unique because it is a man's voice that said, "The flesh of a human burns."  If this was the voice of the old black preacher who once pastored here, the evp would make sense and go along with the church theme  There were other evps that were captured too but this is the most intriguing of them all.



Our team feels like this old church may still house some of its past members, to include the preacher who once was in charge of the old building and its congregation.   While they stay here we don't know other than maybe they were mislead and feel their only hope and salvation is to stay in and around the church.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This was a VERY interesting place to investigate. I can say that this abandoned "Lost Church" produced more evidence for us in all my investigating years. I personally witnessed loud footsteps and knocking come from within these old walls along with witnessing flashlights being turned off and on by themselves, blood on the church floor, laughing from children music and so much more. I very strongly noticed a 

congregation of people here, although not always together at the same time, very faithful to the church.What got me most was the children still present here as they seemed happy but yet unaware of the present surroundings. I also felt great respect and reverence from the "old church going members" here. There were times however that they're welcome light was not on and we felt like we were not allowed to come inside the doors of the church. This will be one location that I will forever remember! This has to be one of the most "haunted" locations that I have ever been too in all my years of investigating.

evidence collected

There were 4 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were 4 photos and no video clips.



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