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Elizabeth's Homestead


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Andy and Vickey


Equipment used:   Personal audio recorders, 35mm cameras, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, daughter, and son. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • An old woman seen in the hallway. Residents have stated that the old woman was clear looking and somewhat transparent. She was dressed in a long burgundy dress and her hair was placed neatly up in a bun on her head. She appeared to be 55-60 years of age. Seen by father & eldest son at different times.

  • A little girl was seen in home. Girl's approximate age appeared to be between 8-11 years of age. Little girl was in a long white dress and always seen running throughout the house in different rooms. She has been seen by the father & eldest son.

  • Another woman is see by the male client but details could not be made out on her due to her quick movement. 

  • A young man seen in the family's back yard by fence. Man appeared to be in his early twenties and was dressed in blue jeans & a white T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Seen by mother of the home. Resident claims that his dress appeared to be something associated with the dress style of the 1950's.

  • Residents have stated that they have heard thumping noises coming from the kitchen and sometimes the sound of an ice maker dropping ice (**NOTE, residents DO NOT have a working ice maker.) 

  • Family hears voices throughout the home.

  • Famly has also have reported taps on the shoulder, light touches on the legs, hard kicks from underneath their bed and at one time a scratch to the ankle. (**NOTE: Adult female (mother) of the resident has reported waking up at 2:30am on morning to something scratching on her ankle repeatedly saying "Get Up!"


There have been no documented deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This home was built in the 1980's and consisted of 3 bedrooms.

There have been no confirmed or reported deaths in this home. 

Client Interview


We arrived at the residence around 7pm and conducted a 2 hour interview/visit with the residents. Around 9:30pm, a walk-thorough was conducted by Christy and our team. Pictures were taken and recordings for EVP were taken. Video was set up later in the main family living room. 

Investigation Sweeps


Christy felt drawn to the back bedroom. At 10:00pm a couple of us went in the eldest son's bedroom. Christy began to connect with some of the many spirits that were present.

10:15pm, Christy made contact with an old spirit by the name of "Honey" who claimed to be 84 years old. Many other spirits also stepped up to say hello.


10:17pm, Adult male resident of the home noticed the bedroom radio was on so he shut it off. The radio then turned on again by itself. Male resident then turned the radio off again. This turning off & on of the radio happened 3 times.

Finally, Christy connected with the spirit of an old woman who at first would not give us her name. She told us we could call her China Doll. When asked why she like the name, China Doll stated it was because "She liked all the china dolls that were around the home." We asked the female resident if she had any china dolls present in the home. The resident went to a closet and pulled out a bucket of china dolls that were different in size/shape.

When Christy asked "China Doll" what her real name was, she finally told us Elizabeth Lawrence Sampson. When we asked Elizabeth to tell us about her past she told us that she had lived back in the 1800's. She had a farm back in 1860. Her farm house was where this house was and the whole neighborhood was her farm acreage. She was married with several children who all died under the ages of 5 from diphtheria & scarlet fever. Her spirit remains on her farm though and she told us she refuses to give up her home because she was here first.

Elizabeth admitted to messing with things in the home and also to the apparition sightings the homeowners had previously seen. She did say that she had friends there with her who were also responsible for the strange things happening in this home. Some of the name she gave us were Claude, Clyde, Arrogant Anthony, & Richey. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I received an ominous feeling of energy and overwhelming feeling a dread the moment I walked into the front door! I immediately felt a tightness in my chest, my throat felt tight and also, I felt weak in my limbs. There was one room in particular which seemed to "groan" at me! That was the back bedroom, the eldest son's bedroom. It held a terrible "heavy" darkness to it and the feeling was extremely oppressive.

I did not get a feeling of spirit right away. It took a little time before I noticed that there was spirit energy coming from the living room ceiling. I then focused upon this energy and found that the spirits were living in the attic. Although they did have full range of the entire house, it seemed that the attic was their "resting" place. (As you can see from the photo's of the living room ceiling)  As I focused upon the spirit energy, I found that there were many, however, there was one in particular which seemed to be controlling the show. This one, I found to be named Elizabeth. She indicated to me through channeling that this was her land, at least 12 acres, and that she would not allow anyone to live on it (the year was approximately 1886). Elizabeth indicated to me that she was .....haunting the entire neighborhood, and found this particular family interesting, especially the father and son.  Her spirit appeared to be constituting a large amount of insanity. I saw visions of her children dying of disease, a hatred of native Indians (they believed her to be a witch) and the heartbreak of her husband leaving her alone, running away from her!  She indicated a sheer joy in terrorizing the residing family.  Other spirit energy has been

drawn in with Elizabeth and they would help her with scaring the family. These were weaker spirits, who believed they had found an earthly home with Elizabeth.  It is my opinion that Elizabeth is a demented spirit, so heartsick, it has made her insane and therefore, not aware of her present state of consciousness which is why she wanders the earthly plain.

Investigation Report

evidence collected

There were 5 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was 1 photo and no video clips.



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