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The Grouch in the House


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Cyrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, 6 IR video cameras, 1 full spectrum video camera, personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, FLIR IR Camera, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer and 2 KII EMF meters, Rem Pod and other person emf and recording equipment.

Cam1 – Master bedroom 

Cam2 – Guest bedroom looking towards hallway

Cam3 – Living room

Cam4 – Kitchen

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently a single family home to one client.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • 3-4 instances of being kicked or pushed very hard in the back while he is in bed sleeping

  • Homeowner saw a bald man wearing a sport coat and khakis looking at him and standing by his dining table.


There have been no documented deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s 2,378 sq. ft. home was built in 1976 on 0.24 acres.  The home is a one story home with 7 rooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with one attached garage. The client purchased the home in May of 2015.

No further records have been discovered and a search of local newspapers does not reveal any significant events occurring at the client’s home or surrounding areas.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived at the location around 7:15pm and conducted a short interview with the clients.  After our interview, the clients left and our team began our set up.  


 Our team began our set up with equipment throughout the home around 7:45pm.  Christy had her audio recorder sitting on the coffee table in the living room while she helped set up equipment.  Around 35 minutes into the set up, her audio recorder picked up a female voice saying, “wait.”  We do not know what this female spirit was referencing too unless she was telling us to “wait” and not bring in all the recording equipment.  Ironically enough however, about 16 minutes later into the investigation, Donna’s audio recorder was sitting on the living room glass table and picked up a female voice that said, “This is fun.”  

The “n” was elongated out more so than the rest of the letters.  Kathy and Ashley were talking but this whisper was beneath their voices.  We found this interesting because it was as if this female spirit got a kick out of watching us set up equipment and perhaps she felt it was fun to watch.  This female spirit must have been watching us closely because another minute later, Christy’s audio recorder captured the voice of a female speaking but

we could not make out what was being said.  This evp is labeled as,  “unknown female voice”

Fifty-four minutes later while we were in the final stages of our set up, Christy’s audio recorder captured another female voice that said, “What do you want?”  We can only assume that this female spirit was starting to wonder why we were there and what we might be up to.  We were having trouble getting the dvr to display all of the camera angles in the split screen mode.  Gary wasn’t present this evening so we made a phone call to talk to Gary to see if he knew why the dvr wasn’t showing the split screen properly.  Right after this, Donna’s audio recorder also captured a male’s voice saying, “Something’s broken in there.”  We can only assume the male spirit was referring to the trouble we were having with the split screen and perhaps he thought the dvr system had something broken in it in order for it not to work properly.


We began our walk-thru and sweeps around 8:26pm.  We were making our way to the spare bedroom to conduct our sweeps.  Donna had the log and stated the spare bedroom was where we would be starting our next room sweep.  It was at this time her audio recorder picked up a "female voice in the background" of one of the other rooms.  This was not one of us either.  We cannot make out what this voice is saying.


We moved to the master bedroom area of the home and began our sweeps of this room.  We felt like this room had a lot of energy to it and since a lot of the personal paranormal occurrences had occurred in the room with the homeowner.   Our sweeps showed normal baselines.  We decided to conduct a short sit-down in this room to see if we could experience any paranormal activity from the room.  During this time, our audio recorders picked up a single  “knock sound" on the wall in between the bedroom door and armoire.

Our group spent quite a bit of time in the master bedroom area of the home due to the alleged activity that takes place in the room.  Christy was talking to the female spirit asking questions.  She asked if the woman was the one who had hit the client in the back of the back while he was lying in bed and if so, why she had done that.  Christy listened as the woman told her that the man who lived in the home was not her husband and should not be sharing the same bed as her.  As Christy tried to explain that it was the client's bed and room now, she felt a light slap to the lower part of her back.

At around 9:27 pm, we were still in the master bedroom doing our short sit-down when Donna’s recorder picked up a male’s voice saying, “day” while Christy and Kathy were talking.

Our team moved to the living room area of the home to do our sweeps.  Christy was passing in between in couch and coffee table when she audibly heard a male whisper behind her.  She didn’t know what it said, but she called out to the team to have them stop and listen for a minute.  Nothing else was heard but when Christy reviewed her audio, she captured a

male’s voice saying, “You know better than that.”  We can only assume that the male spirit’s comment was in reference to our conversation.

Sit Down


After our sweeps, our team began our sit-down in the living room area.  We had some questions for the homeowner during our sit down so Donna was conversing off and on with the client.  During this sit-down, Ashley’s recorder captured a female voice that sounds like, “shut up.”   Just to note, all three female investigators were in the room together, but this voice sounds farther away as if it was coming from the back master bedroom area.  From Christy’s connection with the female spirit in the master bedroom, we knew that the female spirit was not happy with our visit there.  No further incidents occurred and no further evidence was recorded during our sit-down.

Wrap Up

Our team began wrapping up our investigation and began tearing down equipment around 11:30 pm so we could get our client back into his house.    



Our team feels like this location had 1 female spirit present there who was connected to the home’s past.  We do feel like this woman needed to leave the home since she was bothering the client.  The male spirit that was there was a family member of the client and was there to help watch over the homeowner.  He also had messages to pass on to the family. 

Update:  Since our investigation, our clients have told us that the activity in the home has stopped and they haven't had any other strange occurrences.  We would like to believe that we were able to have helped the client and the woman in spirit.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When we arrived at this location, the client’s son met us out front and we talked to him for a few minutes and then he let the group in the house to conduct the in-home interview with his father who lived in the home.  I waited outside and while I was waiting, a woman in spirit appeared.  She told me she was the wife of the current homeowner and the mother of the son we had just talked to.  She had a message to 

give me for her family and I told her I would relay on her information.  I took out my phone and immediately texted the message to Donna who conveyed the message to the family inside.   Later I learned the family was very grateful for the message.

Once I was inside the home, I felt the spirit of a different woman.  This woman felt very territorial to the location.  I felt like she had been a previous resident and she was determined not to leave the location.  She was very cranky and mean spirited.  She also knew that she had passed and she knew some of her family members had passed, but she still wanted to wait here in spirit for them.  When I talked with her, she told me that she had lost her son in the war back in the 70’s and her husband had died years later.  She loved the home she was in and she wanted her family to come back and live in the home with her.  She told me that the man who lived in the home was not welcomed there because he wasn’t her husband.  She said when her husband came; he would make the man


in the home leave.  She told me she had tried to push him out of bed several times because he wasn’t supposed to be sleeping in the same bed with her since he wasn’t her husband.  

When I explained to her that her family was most likely on the other side and that she needed to cross over and find them since they weren’t coming back to this side, she became very angry with me.  She came up close and personal in my face and said she wasn’t going anywhere and that her family would eventually come back here with her.  I apologized to the woman and told her I wasn’t trying to upset her.  I told her that we weren’t here to push her out either but rather only there to help her and the client who lived in the home.  The woman let me know that she didn’t want our help.  She was grouchy in spirit so we had to wonder if she was grouchy in life too.  We decided to nickname this investigation case "The Grouch in the House" because of her grouchy demeanor.  Due to her upset state of mind, we decided to end our sit-down in the master bedroom and continue on with our sweeps in the rest of the home.  

After our sit-down in the living room, I decided to help the woman cross because I felt like she would be happier if she would be able to meet up with her family on the other side.  It would also bring in some peace for the homeowner.  I was also told that we would have some heavenly intervention in helping her cross.  I then took some quiet time, said a prayer, focused and brought the white light into the master bedroom area.  I asked for God’s angels and the family of the woman to come and get her and help her over.  After a few minutes, I did see a couple of male figures step out of the light and offer their hand to the woman.  One figure stepped forward a bit more than the other one.  I could only assume this was her husband and son.  Later I went back into the master bedroom area to see if I felt or could see the woman but I didn’t.  Everything was quiet.  I felt pretty good that she had decided to leave and cross over.  I was also amazed at this because I knew she had stated she

wasn’t going to leave but I had a feeling that if she saw her family, she would go into the light.


I encountered a man at this location who was light-hearted and a transcended spirit.  He felt like he was family, a brother to the man who lived in the home.  He told me that he was there to help watch over his brother and he wanted his brother to know he was there. He talked about a memory of games of checkers they used to play together.  He also passed on some important information he wanted his brother and nephew to know.  I relayed all of this information on to the family and they were happy to know that more family was watching over them.

evidence collected

There were 9 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 1 sound clip.  

There were no photos and no video clips.



"Female voice in background"

"Shut up"

"Something's broken there"

"This is fun"

"Unknown female voice"


"What do you want?

"You know better"


Knock in master bedroom

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