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The Dark Traveler


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Kathy and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, 6 IR video cameras, 1 full spectrum video camera, personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, FLIR IR Camera, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer and 2 KII EMF meters, Rem Pod and other person emf and recording equipment.

Cam1 – Master bathroom

Cam2 – Master bedroom

Cam3 – Spare bedroom 1

Cam4 – Spare bedroom 2

Cam 5 - Living room

Cam 6 - Hallway

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Knocks, taps and strange sounds are heard throughout the home.   

  • The clients have been hit, scratched and have had their hair pulled.     

  • There is a bad musty smell that is smelt in the kitchen and living room where the male client has his chair sitting.  The home is new so they do not know the cause of the smell.

  • The male client has seen what looked like a demon at the foot of his bed.

  • The male client has seen various apparitions in the home.

  • The male client says an unseen force has physically attacked him multiple times.

  • Both clients state they are fine when they are away from the house, but they notice a difference being in the house and the male client only experiences his attacks there in the home.


There have been no documented deaths on this property.

Scratches found on the male client's arm.  They are red streaked scratch marks.

One of the things that lead the clients to believe they were being haunted by a demonic presence is because of the scratches and also because of the image to the left that the male client saw.  He was lying in bed and looked at the foot of his bed and saw a demonic looking figure.  The client drew a picture of what he saw.  His drawing is shown on the left side here.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

It has 7 rooms and is a 1,680 square foot home placed on the property in February of 2017 after a fire destroyed their previous home on the property in December of 2016. The clients’ son and daughter-in-law also live on the property in a mobile home that was placed on the north side of the property in 2009.  The son and daughter-in-law also claim to experience paranormal activity in their home. County records indicate the clients purchased the property in 2008.

The clients state the home their relatives lived it was under construction to be a church.  Part of the church was finished and services were held there, however, it was not for very long.  For reasons unknown to the clients, the preacher sold the land and partial building to the relatives (date unknown.)  The relatives then completed construction and turned the building into a home and cleared some of the land.  They lived in the home until 2008 when they sold it to the current clients.  This home eventually burned down in a chimney fire in 2016 while the family was not home.  After the home burnt down, the current clients then purchased a double wide mobile home and had it homesteaded on the property.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived at the location around 8:30pm and conducted a short interview with the clients.  About 7.25 minutes into the client interview, Christy’s audio recorder that was sitting on the kitchen island, recorded a whispery evp saying, “Pst..pst, here.”  We can only assume that the spirit present was trying to get our attention.  A little later, now about 15.29 minutes into the investigation as the in-home interview continued, Christy’s audio recorder also captured an evp of a male’s voice saying, “carry on.”  



Our team began setting up equipment right after the in-home interview.  Our group was about an hour

and 26 minutes into the investigation already when Christy heard an audible whisper in the kitchen area of the home.   Christy said it sounded like “right here” but unfortunately the whisper was not picked up on her audio recorder.  As our set-up continued, Christy and Donna were in the kitchen area when they both audibly heard a loud male whisper say, “get away.”  This was picked up on Christy’s audio recorder.  Donna also captured an evp of a male saying, “unlocked.”  We do not



Our sweeps began around 10:35pm.  We started in the kitchen area and then moved to the living room and then bedrooms.  Our last area was the master bedroom of the home.  As we began to enter the master bedroom doorway, three investigators, Christy, Donna and Kathy heard a strange “whooooo” type sound at 10:38pm.  This was captured on all three investigator’s audio recorders.  We continued to conduct our sweeps of the master bedroom.   Around 10:40pm, while taking pictures, Christy heard an audible “hey” coming from within the master bedroom.  When she listened back to her audio however, the “hey” was not captured on her audio recorder.  Because of the things that we were hearing in the room, our group decided to do a short sit-down in the area.  

Our sit-down began around 11pm.  We did conduct a short sit-down in the master bedroom.  About one minute after settling

know what this was in reference to unless the spirit was talking about our equipment cases being unlocked.

into the room, Christy was discussing a sense she was getting that about activity associated with the land when a recording was picked up from Kathy’s recorder that sounds like the word, “land.” This can be heard at 10 seconds into the audio clip.

We weren’t in the master bedroom long because the client believed he was being spiritually attacked by a demonic presence. Just to note, earlier in the evening our team had gone a property sweep and felt like there was a doorway on the property.  One of the reasons for this is because the clients also had family that lives on the property with them in another house.  Their family was also experiencing activity.  Due to having children, the client’s extended family was not able to have an investigation done.

  When we were working with the client in the living room, we all heard noise a in the kitchen. The client indicated this was a noise that they typically hear when they suspect paranormal activity is occurring.


We helped the client through his “attack” and continued on to our sit-down in the living room area.  During our sit-down we didn’t have anything else that happened.  We then began talking to the client, answering a few of their questions and we were trying to offer some advice on what they could do for a haunting.  It was during this time that Christy’s audio recorder picked up a male’s voice

that said, “I have to go.”  Based off this evp, we can only assume that the spirit felt like he needed to “go” because we were giving the client information on how to fight against him.

Wrap Up

We didn’t have any other activity take place for a while in the home so we decided to call it a night and wrap up for the evening and give the client’s back their home.  



Our team feels like this location had a total of 4 ghosts, one man and a woman with two smaller children around the ages of 4 and 6.  Our team felt they were able to help the woman and two small children over but the man’s spirit still remains in the home.  We do feel like the male spirit negatively affects the male client physically and mentally and techniques were given to the clients to help with their haunting.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I wasn’t really sure what to expect when it came to this investigation.  Due to having to make some prior arrangements to get some clergy help in with this case because of the client’s claims, I knew that the client’s thought they had a demon present that was attacking the male client.  Any time I have been contacted by a client who thinks they have a demon present in their home, I am always cautious but open minded 

because I know that most of the time it can be something else besides a demon because not many people understand the ins and outs of a demonic haunting.  I have worked cases before involving demonic hauntings and although they are rare, they are real and one of the tale tale signs is the extreme fear and darkness that is present in the home/location.  When I arrived here, I did not feel that.  It was my suspicions that it was a negative earth bound spirit who wanted the clients to believe that it was more powerful and dark than it really was.

making. He made shoes and sold them, but he was eventually unhappy because he felt like he wasn’t making enough money so he left to try to do other things.  He struggled for a long while and eventually made a bad turn and started stealing.  During one robbery, he ended up killing an individual and from that point, became kind of an outlaw and found himself killing and stealing more and more later in the future in order to survive.  His life was lonely and he always found himself on the run.  One day his luck ran out however because when he was conducting a robbery, he was gunned down and killed.  

In spirit, he roams whatever he has felt like roaming and has taken whatever he has felt like taking.  He is at the client’s home because he can get energy resources, especially from the male client.  He refuses to cross over because he does not feel worthy of any love and forgiveness and he is afraid of judgment that awaits him on the other side.  He remembers his church upbringing and feels if he goes over hell awaits him for all the bad things he has done in his lifetime.  I did try to talk him into going over, but he was not interested at all. The female and two children that are in the home are there because of a doorway on the property.  There were some events that had taken place on the property in the years past and it caused this location to be a strong energy force that attracted them to step through the door.  Most of the night my attention was on the male spirit that was there so I did not get a chance to look into more details from the female spirit and her children.  At the end of the night however I offered help to the woman and her children and I was able to help them cross over.  

I helped my team set up the equipment and even during the set up and sweeps, I had heard odd sounds and whispers.  Later I had my chance to conduct a walk-through of the location.  I felt like there was a negative male spirit in the home and then a woman with two children who were there as a victim of circumstance due to a doorway open on the property.  As I made my way around the home, I tried to connect with this male spirit.  I felt like he was the main issue in the home.  He did not want to talk to me, but I was able to get some information out of him.  He would not give me his name, but I saw memories of his past life.  He was from the early 1800’s. His was raised up in a home where his mom took him to church but his dad was an alcoholic and was very strict and abusive towards him and the family.  


At the age of 15, he left home and tried making it on his own.  He found a man who taught him the art of shoe

evidence collected

There were 6 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 2 sound clips.  

There were no photos and no video clips.


"Carry on"

"Get away"

"I have to go"


"Pst, pst, here"



Creak in kitchen

woohoo sound

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