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Meet the OKPRI Team!


My name is Ashley. I am the Events Manager for OKPRI.

I am the Events Manager for OKPRI.  I help the team set up events and I coordinate them as well.  I also assist with social media accounts for the team.  I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I have a Bachelors degree from OSU.  I am an avid baker and an all around culinary geek.


I became interested in the paranormal at a very early age. I loved ghost stories but never knew paranormal investigation was real until I was much older. I've had a few minor experiences in my life, but my main interest has always been finding evidence to prove the existence of the paranormal and life after death. Being a science-minded individual, I look for facts and solid proof.


My quest to find answers brought me to OKPRI. Through the work we have done, I have come to understand the service we provide to our clients. It is my goal to not only find the evidence we are seeking but to also help put our clients at ease and give them the answers for which they are looking.

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