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Field of tragedy
1 1/20/2021

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Becky, Curtis, Kathy, Ashley and Jim

Equipment used:  DVR, 6 IR video cameras, 1 full spectrum video camera, personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer and 2 KII EMF meters, Rem Pod and other person emf and recording equipment.

group pic.jpeg
A-frame front.jpeg

Atmospheric Conditions:


Moon: Waning Gibbous

Temp: 55°

Humidity: 72%

Barometric Pressure: 29.92

Wind: SE at 6MPH

Client Claims:


This location is currently a business.  It is only occupied during business operational times by the owner, and staff.

•    Bread on the shelved in the store will fall off seemingly by itself
•    Guests in the main building state their head was pushed
•    A little girl was seen in a back corner room in the main building
•    A woman has been spotted in the back of the park grounds on 10/31/2021
•    Voices are heard in the conference building and doors open/close on their own.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The town of Lone Wolf, OK, formerly known as Craterville, was founded in 1901 and named for Chief Lone Wolf who was a warrior chief of the Kiowa Tribe from 1843 to 1923. This Kiowa County community is located nine miles west of Hobart and intersects at State Highways 9 and 44 on Main street at the east end of town. Lone Wolf is located about six miles east of the North Fork of the Red River and the Kiowa-Greer county line. The Texas and Oklahoma Railroad runs in a northeasterly direction through town. The client’s property is 26 acres just south and west of Quartz Mountain Nature Preserve. This was known to be ceremonial grounds for Kiowa, Comanche, Wichita, Apache, and Caddo tribes.

Archaeologists have found evidence that Paleo-Indian people hunted wooly mammoth near Quartz Mountain between 11,200 and 20,000 years ago.  According to the Oklahoma Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain website, “excavations at the Cooperton Site in Kiowa County provide the earliest known evidence of people in the state of Oklahoma (2016).

“Spain and France traded Quartz Mountain several times before the U.S. bought the area as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  Several Native American tribes occupied the area until the late 1880s. In 1887, Quartz Mountain was affected by the Gold Rush, but the U.S. military regained control of the region and opened the land to white settlement in 1901.  In 1937, Quartz Mountain officially became a state park (Oklahoma Arts Institute at Quartz Park, 2016).”

Later, the area became a US Army Post. Historical

Quartz Mountains.jpeg

legend says General Custer’s bugler was killed on the client’s property when it was owned by the US Army. It was thought that he was an elk when he was shot. In fact, General Custer’s bugler, John Martin (born Giovanni Martin in Sala, Italy), ended up in New York City and worked for the subway system. He died in Brooklyn, NY, in 1922 after getting hit by a beer truck (New York Times, Randy Kennedy, July 29, 2003, “Tunnel Vision; He was Custer’s Bugler. Then, the subway called.”) It could not be confirmed that Custer had even traveled through Quartz Mountain.

In 1961, Craterville Speedway stock car racetrack opened on what is now the client’s current property. It only operated for four years, closing in 1965. A tragic accident on July 4, 1964, occurred when race car spun and broke through a safety fence killing a four-year-old boy and injuring eight others including his parents and 4 family members all from Texas.

The following article was published in The San Francisco Examiner on Monday, July 6, 1964, documenting that 2 accidents had occurred that day. One at Craterville Racetrack in Oklahoma and the other in Michigan:

Other articles in the local newspapers reveal races continued into the year 1965. It is not known exactly when the track closed, however it is stated locally that the track closed in 1965, but only remained open for one season before closing again in 1966. It is thought that the tragedy that had occurred there was too terrible for the community to recover from, and it saw declining attendance at races from the time of the accident until its closing.

The following is the headstone for the four-year-old, James Richard “Rickie” Williams who is buried at Eastview Memorial Park in Vernon, TX.

newspaper article.jpg
boys headstone.jpg

The racetrack reopened again in 1977 under the name Quartz Mountain Speedway. It remained open until 1992 before closing permanently. The race ground today appears as if dirt mounds were built within the track for what seems to have been a motocross track in its later years. Nature has overtaken the racetrack, but the main viewing stands remain as a reminder of once was.

racetrack overview.png

Quartz Mountain Speedway Google Earth Image.

Investigation report

Client Interview/Tour

The team arrived at 4:30 p.m. and was greeted by the owner of the location who showed the team around the property.  The team was also shown each of the buildings on the property as well and was shown which areas where paranormal activity had been reported.  While this was going on, Christy was doing her own walk-through of the property by herself.  This process took approximately an hour and fifteen minutes as the property was quite large and consisted of several buildings. 

front mama.JPG

The team as a whole did not have any personal experiences while they were doing their client interview, however Christy stated she felt like she was being watched and followed in the back area of the property while she was conducting her own walk through.  Ironically, it was also during this time that Christy’s audio recorder picked up a child’s voice saying, “Mama, mama,” while she was walking up from the back area heading up towards the front area of the property.  There was no one around Christy and no children close by or on the property when the recording took place.  Christy did not hear this child’s voice whenever

she was walking the property and when it was recorded on her audio recorder. 

Once the team and Christy had finished with their walk through of the property, they met back up and decided to break for dinner at a local restaurant down the road.


The set up began around 8:30 p.m.  The property was quite large, so the team decided not to set up our DVR system, but rather to carry handheld equipment with us so we could walk the property and buildings and monitor each location as we went since the location was so large.  We made the conference building our home base.  A couple of our team members were using the bathroom in the back area of the building before we headed out to investigate the property.  There is a main hallway door that is always open that leads to the dorm

rooms and bathrooms.  Kathy had gone through the door to find the two members that had gone to the bathroom and the door was still open.  On her way back down the hallway, she noticed that the hallway door was closed.  She checked with the two team members who were in the bathroom to see if they had closed the door, but both stated they had not closed the door.  Kathy noted the incident on video.  This claim does go along with the client claim that has been reported about doors in the conference room opening and closing on their own.  Our team set up motion sensors along with single handheld cameras on tripods by a couple of the doors to continue monitoring the doorway areas just in case the doors were to close or open on their own again.



The team began their investigation around 9:05 p.m. and then began the evening’s investigation of the location.  The team decided to start out in the A-Frame building on the property.  Around 9:10 p.m.  when we were just leaving the main building to head to the A-frame, we were right by the outside doors to the main conference building when Christy’s audio recorder captured a light “unknown whisper.”  You can hear it about 9 seconds into the clip.  Unfortunately, the whisper is very light, and our team was unable to make out what is being said in the audio recording.

A-frame group.JPG

The team continued to the A-frame building to begin our investigative sweeps.  While in the A-frame building, the team set up a couple of experiments on the shelves to match the claims of things being knocked off the shelves in the building.  The team also began to ask questions for audio while in the building as well.  Christy received a phone call and stepped out of the building at approximately 9:26 p.m.  At this time, her audio recorder was left in the building and recorded an evp saying, “Great.”  This can be heard about 15 seconds into the clip.  The conversation taking place at the time was about the history of the location and its original owners.

The team decided to investigate the upstairs area of the A-frame building.  Since the area was small, Christy and Kathy decided to be the only ones to go upstairs to check it out.  Kathy headed upstairs first, and Christy followed a few steps behind her.  Shortly after arriving up to the top of the stairs, both Christy and Kathy noticed that the light in the upstairs room had come on.  Kathy asked Christy if she had turned it on and Christy replied, “No.”  Both Christy and Kathy assumed at first that

perhaps the light was a motion censored light, however upon further investigation, they found that the light was controlled by a switch at the bottom of the staircase and had to be manually flipped on.  After retracing their steps, Christy and Kathy realized that the light had come on at some point after Christy had passed the light switch.  Christy and Kathy did a recreation of coming up the stairs to see if touching and turning on the light switch was easy and possible.  While possible, it would not have been as easy to do from the position in which Christy was in while going up the stairs.  This happened at approximately 9:37 p.m.  Video of this recreation was done, and audio of this light switch being flipped was captured and can be heard on the clip at about 40 seconds into the clip.  Our group finished our investigative sweep of the A-frame building with no other activity noticed.

Our team continued our investigation throughout the property walking all the grounds and going from each of the buildings.  No other buildings yielded any other paranormal activity or recorded evidence.  While coming from the back area of the grounds moving up towards the front area of the property, there was a fence that was erected to divide two areas, the amusement park ride area and the administrative building side area.  One area of the fence was down, and our team used it to cross over from one side of the property to the other side.  As we began to do so, Christy physically heard a man’s

fence crossover.JPG

voice off in the distance say, “Turn.”  This occurred at approximately 11:01 a.m.  This man’s voice was captured on Christy’s audio recorder, but due to the wind that had picked up that evening, it is hard to hear, but can be heard on the clip faintly around 19 seconds into the clip’s audio recording.  Christy and the team do not know what this man meant unless he was wanting to get the team’s attention by telling them to “Turn around,” or something to that regard. 



Towards the end of our investigation, our group also decided to do a sit-down in a few of the rooms in the conference dorm rooms.  This sit-down also yielded no paranormal activity or personal experiences.  After this sit-down, our team decided to go ahead and wrap up for the evening since we had a long drive back home.



Our team feels like this location may have a couple of ghosts present on the property.  While our evidence doesn’t directly come out and link the activity to the property’s past, we do feel as if it is a possibility that at least one of the ghosts could be a result of the property’s past history.  We do not feel as though the spirit’s there are malicious or harmful in anyway, more so just sharing the property because it could have been a part of at least one of their pasts as well.


Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This location was very large, and I felt like it had a lot of energy on it.  Some of this energy I was like was residual from its past and some I felt like was intelligent from a couple of lingering ghosts that were currently lingering on the property. 


One of the ghosts that I felt were on the property was a male spirit that seemed to

follow us throughout the property. I first encountered him by the A-frame building. To me, he felt connected to the property, like a previous owner who had once had a lot of pride in the location and the happenings there.  He was very concerned about what had happened to things throughout the years and how the property had changed hands with different owners.  Itleft like he had really been more focused on a period of time back from the 1960’s and this really affected him in a negative light, even though it wasn’t his fault.  At the time, I didn’t know what this was that was bothering him, but I did get the sense of a death of a child associated with him and this time frame.  I could only assume that this was a child connected with him or his family somehow.  It wasn’t until

sunset racetrack.jpeg

later after I had learned the history of this location that I had learned about the racing car accident and the death of the young child who had died as a result of the car accident off the racing track.  I do feel this same man is connected from this time period and incident and he is still around and is holding guilt over what happened that day.  I also feel he cares about what happens on the property today and likes to give his input as he is able and by any means that he can, but not in a cruel or malicious way. 

Burnt house 1.JPG

I also came across one other spirit on the property.  This was the spirit of an older girl or younger woman.  I didn't know her exact age. I first encountered her in the back of the property out by the old mobile home building.  I saw an image of this girl with dark hair, and I suddenly saw fire around her.  I then saw her beating on some sort of doorway and her calling out for her mother.  I got the feeling that she was trapped in a fire, and she couldn’t get out and she was calling for her mother

Old burnt home that connects to property - Photo taken by client.

to help her.  Fear overwhelmed her and she didn’t know where her mama was.  Her feeling of sadness and fear was so strong it nearly overtook me. I checked out the mobile home for any signs of a fire, but I saw no signs of a fire.  I knew the fire hadn’t taken place there.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the fire had taken place on the property at all or if the fire had taken place around the location somewhere else?  Later after speaking with the client/owner, she was able to confirm that a fire had broken out in a home directly behind this property where a skeleton shell of this burnt home still remains.  Also sadly in this fire, a woman lost her life.  Guests who stay on this property also claim they see a young woman back here in this area.  This is also something I didn’t know before learning the history of the location.  


I do feel this spirit is restless because of the way she died and because of all the sorrow she carried with her when she was alive once here on this earthly plane.

There is also a lot of Native American history associated with this property.  Our group learned that this property was one of the meeting places for Native American tribes many, many years ago and where rituals were done.  

Evidence collected

evidence banner.png

There were 4 evps, 1 sound clips, 0 photos and 0 video clips.


"Mama, mama"



"Unknown whisper"

Sound clips

Light switch turning on in A-frame building

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