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Services offered

of our members are interested in the paranormal field and what occurs after we die.  We consider this research an invaluable learning process.  We also appreciate those clients who invite us to come into their home or business location.


From time to time our group will accept donations for our time and travel.  Our group does not have any revolving funding so everything we do is paid for by us out of our own pockets.  We are all blue collared workers and so from time to time we also do have to make decisions about time and travel based on our available funds.  We do travel all over Oklahoma and surrounding states, but if we are unable to fill an investigation request due to a location that is at quite a distance, we will try to find another team who might be closer to the client.

What does OKPRI do?


Our group is committed to helping our clients while observing, recording and documenting evidence of the paranormal while on location.  We do this by coming in and setting up recording equipment throughout a location.  This equipment consists of video, audio and photographic recording equipment. 

Many times our clients are scared, fed up and curious about what they have going on in their home or place of business.  They just need some validation of their haunting and they

also would like some answers as to why this is happening to them.  OKPRI strives to help each of our clients through this process. 


Our group has a historian that does full research on a location’s home and property.  Our historian looks for any correlation into why a location may have paranormal activity such as former deaths in the home or property.


We take our recorded evidence, historical research and any personal experiences to try and determine if a location has paranormal activity.  We also try to validate any claims made by the clients and give them an explanation of what they have taking place within their home.


Once all of the evidence is analyzed, we submit an investigation report to the client along with a copy of all of the recorded evidence (if any was recorded.)  We also give a professional explanation to the client about their haunting and what it is we feel they may have going on there.


We offer support to the client prior to the investigation and afterwards.  If our group feels like a secondary investigation is needed, we would set one up with the client.

Does OKPRI charge for their services?


No, OKPRI does not charge for any of its services.  One of the reasons is because we cannot guarantee someone that we will be able to record any evidence of their haunting.  There is a 50/50 chance that paranormal activity may be found in a location.  While our clients may experience frequent bouts of activity, this activity may not occur while OKPRI is present to do an investigation.

Another reason OKPRI does not charge for its services is because we consider this a learning process for us too.  Each

Does OKPRI get rid of ghosts?


No, our group does not perform cleansings to get rid of any ghosts.  We only record, observe and document any paranormal activity taking place in a location.  If they clients want a cleansing done of their home, we may be able to put them in touch with someone who can help them.  OKPRI does not guarantee any services by those who perform cleansings.  Those outside services may also request a service fee and OKPRI is not connected with these services who charge.

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