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The Dark hitchhiker

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Becky, Curtis, & Jim

Equipment used:  Personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer and 2 KII EMF meters, Rem Pod and other person emf and recording equipment.

Atmospheric Conditions:


Moon: Waning Gibbous

Temp: 94° F

Humidity: 63%

Barometric Pressure: 30.01

Wind: S at 7 MPH


Client Claims:


This location is a home, and at the time of our investigation, it was occupied by 5 individuals. Male homeowner who has experienced nothing in the home.  Female homeowner has experienced very little and has only had one incident in the master suite.  Other adult female and other adult male and child (boy).

  • Other adult female who was living in the home used the office as a bedroom when she first moved in. She has heard knocks and what sounds like nails scratching down the length of the window followed by an evil laugh.  She has also heard 3 knock on the window around 3am and her dog has growled at the window.

  • Female homeowner has seen a shadow move in the office and one of her dogs starting barking at the office door.

  • Other adult female has seen a hunched shadow figure in the corner of the room. The room has 10-foot ceilings, and the black shadow was floor to ceiling.

  • A full body apparition was seen at the foot of other adult female's bed. This female felt like something was watching her and the dog was reactive.

  • Items such as phones, pens, keys, wallets, vape, pencils, paper and cups have been moved around the house. Cups have been knocked out of hands.

  • Other adult female stated she woke up one morning with a handprint bruise on her wrist. She said she slept all night, and nothing woke her up.

  • One night other adult female and other adult male were in bed, and they heard something hit their bedroom door hard. When they opened the door there was a roll of paper towels laying in front of their door.

  • Other adult female has been poked and shoved from the back. She has heard growling, been pinched, and her hair pulled when in the gazebo in the back yard.

  • Other adult male said that he was walking in the back yard, and it felt like something ran up behind him.

  • There are claims in the bathroom by other adult male and other adult female's room. Both can hear voices like several people talking. Other adult female states she can her a male and a female but can’t make out what they are saying.

  • Other adult male states he was in his son's room (child,) and the vacuum that had been sitting in the same place for some time moved significantly. Then the adult male saw a leg wearing jeans walk around the corner. No one was in the hall at the time when this happened.

  • Other adult female was in the kitchen and saw female homeowner walking through the living room and into the hall. Other adult female spoke to her and looked out the kitchen door and no one was there. She yelled to female homeowner to ask if it was her female homeowner was in her bedroom the whole time.

  • The Saturday before the investigation, the other adult female was passing the child's room and saw an eye and part of a face in the crack of the door. She described it as looking like Freddy Kruger. She looked in the room and no one was there.

shadow window.jpg
  • Home was bought in 2016 and female family member passed away in 2014. Her belongings are stored in the attic.  In the previous home, the family heard knocking on this female's bedroom door after she passed.

  • The current neighborhood was destroyed during the May 3rd tornados and houses were rebuilt.

  • Child in home sees a dark mass in the upper right-hand side of his closet. Described it as big, black, and ugly. He also said that his aunt (female who passed) was at his bedroom window and asked if she could come in. Child gave her permission to enter. The spirit plays with him and tells him stories.

This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home with a garage and attic space was built in 2003.  The assessor lists the home as 1,939 square feet.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

tornado path.jpg

The tornado on May 3, 1999, passed directly through the neighborhood (see red outline) likely destroying the previous home on the property. The property may have sat vacant until Star Construction purchased the home in January 2002 to begin building again. However, the home was in the path of the May 8, 2003 tornado (outlined in blue) which passed to the south avoiding a direct hit but came close and could have caused some damage during the re-building process. The May 13, 2013 tornado (outlined in green) passed too far to the south to have caused any damage at the current property. 

There were no other significant events for this property or previous property owners documented in local newspaper or other online sources.

Investigation Report

Client Interview/Set Up


7:30 p.m. – Our team arrived at the residence and began our client interview around 7:40 p.m.  The interview lasted until 8:25 p.m.  Due to lack of base set up space, our team used handheld and stationary equipment for this investigation for our set up.  It was during this interview that our team had to stop because one of our vehicles was hit outside in the street.  During this time, all people exited the house.  The only warm bodies in the house during this estimated 28-minute time was just the client’s animals.

During this exit time and around 23.52 minutes into the audio (around 8 minutes after everyone exited the house,) Christy’s audio recorder, picked up a female’s voice saying, “I know.”  We do not know what this is in reference to unless this female voice was talking to and trying to calm down the animals in the home as they were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their owners to come back into the home.

Also, during this time, two other sounds were captured, at 24.42 minutes into the audio, a “strange cry sound,” and then another at 26.01 minutes into the investigation called, “loud sound,” in which we do not know the origins of this sound.  Again, the animals were the only ones in the house at the time and it could have been the animals for the loud sound.  At 43.25 minutes into the investigation, all people (adults) came back into the house.


8:38 p.m. – Christy came into the residence and the team began setting up some stationary equipment. Around 8:40 p.m. The team began their investigation.  While taking out some equipment out of the cases, Becky’s audio recorder captured a few odd things.  One was “Scraping Noise,” another was a low sounding “Whistle,” heard in the background.  We conducted a sweep of each of the rooms of the home.  Baseline readings were taken in each room.  At 9:02 p.m. Christy conducted a little evp session in the attic of the home.  



At 9:04 p.m. Curtis heard scratching in the little boy’s bedroom.  At 9:21 p.m. the team decided to conduct a sit-down in the little boy’s bedroom.  9:23 Becky thought she heard a male voice mumbling while sitting on the right side of Wyatt’s bed.  Shortly after this, the team moved to another bedroom to conduct another sit-down but noticed no activity.  A sit-down was then conducted in the living room with no activity noticed.  Christy did talk to the clients during this time to also answer some questions they had.  It was during this time

sit down.jpg

that Christy’s audio recorder picked up an “Unknown Whisper 2-syllables.”  We cannot make out what is being said here in this recording.  During this time, Becky’s audio recorder also captured a quick, “Hmm,” and then “Humming” while Christy was talking to the clients.

11:15 Becky kept hearing a high-pitched beeping sound and brought it to the attention of everyone in the living room. Team member and family could hear the beeping. It sounded as if it came from the Motion Detector in Wyatt’s closet. The team searched the house and could not find the source of the noise. Becky and Jim said maybe it is the sound of the air conditioner kicking on or off. The team went outside to investigate the sound. Becky and Jim stayed outside to wait for the air condition to kick on. It did not make a beeping sound. Jim said he saw a light flash in Wyatt’s bedroom window. During this time, Becky’s audio recorder captured a “Hum” while they were outside.


11:20 Becky felt tickle on the back of her arm while outside, but she did not see the source of the person/thing that had touched her arm.  Meanwhile, Christy and Curtis had entered back into the house to listen for the air conditioning unit to come back on to see if that was the cause of the high-pitched sound from the inside of the house.

motion detector.jpg

11:54 p.m. – The motion detector 1 in the boy’s bedroom located in the upper part of the closet was activated on its own.  Christy and Curtis went in to check it out and found the door to the room still closed and no one was in the room.  The source of the disturbance was unknown.  Christy notified Becky and Jim to come back inside the house.

12:18 a.m. – The team moved to the boy’s room to conduct another sit-down.  Christy asked, “What time did I say that went off?”  This is when her audio recorder captured a female voice saying, “Listen.”  It was also during this time that Becky’s audio recorder captured an “Unknown female voice.”


12:28 a.m. – We were still conducting a sit-down in the boy’s bedroom when another voice was captured on Christy’s audio that said, “What time is it again?”  After conducting the sit-

down in the boy’s bedroom for a while, the activity seemed to die down and so our team decided to leave the bedroom and go back out into the living room.  Twenty-two minutes later, we had the motion detector activate 2 on its own again in the boy’s bedroom again.  We all rushed into the bedroom to check it out and there was no one in the bedroom and again, there was no explanation as to who or what had set the motion detector off.

Below are the two video clips captured from both moments when the motion detectors activated on their own in the boy's bedroom closet.



The night was getting late, and the activity appeared to have died down, so our team decided to wrap up for the evening and head up.  During this time, no further activity was noted.

has been attached to this one person for a very long time and was very oppressive.  Unfortunately, the entire family was affected by this spirit, and it manifested in ways it chose to scare and oppress the family.  There was also a tie to mental health issues due to trauma here with this one person living in the home, and the dark spirit used that to its advantage.  Mental health counseling was suggested to help. This dark spirit had become a hitchhiker to this person and become an affliction no matter where they went.


            The family also had lost a dear loved one (female) several years in the past, and I do believe she was still around in the home and was trying to warn and protect the family against the dark spirit.  I do believe this female spirit has been around the family since her death and prior to the family moving into this home.


            Due to the nature of this particular case with the dark spirit, our team arranged a house blessing with the minister that we work with when cases call for extreme measures.  The minister spoke with the family and came out on a later date and performed a house blessing.

evidence collected

There were 8 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation, 6 sound clips, and 2 video clip.  

There were 0 positive photos 


"I know"

"Unknown whispering" 2 syllable




"What time is it again?"

"Unknown female voice"

"Hum" outside


Strange cry sound

Loud sound

Scraping sound

Motion Detector 1

Motion Detector 2



There were 2 video clips of the Motion Detectors activating that are group captured on video right after the motion detectors were activated.  To hear the full activation, please listen to the audio clip.

Christy July.jpg

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I never encountered the Freddy Kruger type spirit that the client’s described here, but I do believe that was because this one particular spirit was using that image to bring fear into the minds of the family.  I knew there was a dark spirit that was not an earthbound there, as that is the spirit that I encountered.  I fully believe this dark spirit

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