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Field of tragedy 2

This was our group’s 2nd investigation at this location.  To view our initial investigation back in November 2021, please visit this link:  Field of Tragedy Investigation 1


We have created a “Movie Documentary” from our investigations at this location.  Below is the documentary. 

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Becky, Curtis, Kathy, Ashley and Jim

Equipment used:  DVR, 6 IR video cameras, 1 full spectrum video camera, personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer and 2 KII EMF meters, Rem Pod and other person emf and recording equipment.

Wind & Stone group.jpg
A-frame front.jpeg

Atmospheric Conditions:


Moon: Waning Gibbous

Temp: 55°

Humidity: 72%

Barometric Pressure: 29.92

Wind: SE at 6MPH

Client Claims:


This location is currently a business.  It is only occupied during business operational times by the owner, and staff.

•    Bread on the shelved in the store will fall off seemingly by itself
•    Guests in the main building state their head was pushed
•    A little girl was seen in a back corner room in the main building
•    A woman has been spotted in the back of the park grounds on 10/31/2021
•    Voices are heard in the conference building and doors open/close on their own.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The town of Lone Wolf, OK, formerly known as Craterville, was founded in 1901 and named for Chief Lone Wolf who was a warrior chief of the Kiowa Tribe from 1843 to 1923. This Kiowa County community is located nine miles west of Hobart and intersects at State Highways 9 and 44 on Main street at the east end of town. Lone Wolf is located about six miles east of the North Fork of the Red River and the Kiowa-Greer county line. The Texas and Oklahoma Railroad runs in a northeasterly direction through town. The client’s property is 26 acres just south and west of Quartz Mountain Nature Preserve. This was known to be ceremonial grounds for Kiowa, Comanche, Wichita, Apache, and Caddo tribes.

Archaeologists have found evidence that Paleo-Indian people hunted wooly mammoth near Quartz Mountain between 11,200 and 20,000 years ago.  According to the Oklahoma Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain website, “excavations at the Cooperton Site in Kiowa County provide the earliest known evidence of people in the state of Oklahoma (2016).

“Spain and France traded Quartz Mountain several times before the U.S. bought the area as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  Several Native American tribes occupied the area until the late 1880s. In 1887, Quartz Mountain was affected by the Gold Rush, but the U.S. military regained control of the region and opened the land to white settlement in 1901.  In 1937, Quartz Mountain officially became a state park (Oklahoma Arts Institute at Quartz Park, 2016).”

Later, the area became a US Army Post. Historical


legend says General Custer’s bugler was killed on the client’s property when it was owned by the US Army. It was thought that he was an elk when he was shot. In fact, General Custer’s bugler, John Martin (born Giovanni Martin in Sala, Italy), ended up in New York City and worked for the subway system. He died in Brooklyn, NY, in 1922 after getting hit by a beer truck (New York Times, Randy Kennedy, July 29, 2003, “Tunnel Vision; He was Custer’s Bugler. Then, the subway called.”) It could not be confirmed that Custer had even traveled through Quartz Mountain.

newspaper article.jpg
boys headstone.jpg

In 1961, Craterville Speedway stock car racetrack opened on what is now the client’s current property. It only operated for four years, closing in 1965. A tragic accident on July 4, 1964, occurred when race car spun and broke through a safety fence killing a four-year-old boy and injuring eight others including his parents and 4 family members all from Texas.

The following article was published in The San Francisco Examiner on Monday, July 6, 1964, documenting that 2 accidents had occurred that day. One at Craterville Racetrack in Oklahoma and the other in Michigan:

Other articles in the local newspapers reveal races continued into the year 1965. It is not known exactly when the track closed, however it is stated locally that the track closed in 1965, but only remained open for one season before closing again in 1966. It is thought that the tragedy that had occurred there was too terrible for the community to recover from, and it saw declining attendance at races from the time of the accident until its closing.

The following is the headstone for the four-year-old, James Richard “Rickie” Williams who is buried at Eastview Memorial Park in Vernon, TX.

The racetrack reopened again in 1977 under the name Quartz Mountain Speedway. It remained open until 1992 before closing permanently. The race ground today appears as if dirt mounds were built within the track for what seems to have been a motocross track in its later years. Nature has overtaken the racetrack, but the main viewing stands remain as a reminder of once was.

racetrack overview.jpg

Quartz Mountain Speedway Google Earth Image.


Investigation report

Client Interview/Tour


The team arrived around 3:00 p.m. and was greeted by the owner of the location who gave us updates on the recent activity that had been taking place at this location.  We met in the large conference/bunk house where we would set up our base for that evening’s investigation. Christy had started her audio recorder once she stepped out of her vehicle.

conference room side.JPG

Before beginning our interview with the owner, we all went to use the restroom since we had just gotten there from a long road trip.  About 5.38 minutes into the audio recording, Christy’s audio recorder captured a “sorry.”  This was recorded by the lady's bathroom in the dorm rooms.  Kathy thought she had heard a whisper saying “sorry,” and we were asking each other if anyone had said it, but non one had.  Then after our brief discussion about it, a whispery voice can be heard saying, “sorry.”

Set Up


Our team decided not to set up our DVR system so we just used handheld equipment to be more mobile since this place was large and had a lot of buildings to cover. 


We began our investigation in the A-frame building.  It had been renovated and expanded since our previous visit.  Downstairs was fairly loud for recording due to the ice machine and the coolers.  After doing a baseline sweep, we decided to move our investigation upstairs.  On our previous investigation, we had a light switch flipped, so we weren’t sure what to expect this time, but recent paranormal activity had been reported in the A-frame building by the workers there.  

Once upstairs, we all got settled and set up some emf meters, our audio recorders and various pieces of equipment.  During this sit-down, we all heard 4 loud knocks coming from downstairs.  Our team went downstairs to review our audio and see if we caught the 4 loud knocks on audio.   (See video).

During this same sit-down, Christy’s audio recorder captured several evps.  One of these evps was a long drawn out 2-syllable male voice.  One of the other API members captured this evp louder on her audio recorder, but upon transfer to the computer, it had to much noise interference to be able to understand.  After our sit-down upstairs, all members gathered downstairs to listen to the recordings to see if we could make them out.  After listening directly on the recorder, some members thought it said, “get back,” or “keep back,” but after putting it on the computer, Christy’s version recorded couldn’t be made out as clear and came out as an “unknown male voice.”  The review can be seen on this in the video.

After reviewing the video and audio from this investigation upstairs in the a-frame, we also captured several other evps.  Christy heard a man say, “I don’t know,” and this can faintly be heard on audio.  Christy did call out that she heard this audibly while upstairs doing this sit-down.  Brook (API) had asked the spirit of the man to knock on the window upstairs to we would know that he was here.  Then a man’s voice is heard saying, “yeah.”  This was heard audibly by several members.   During this time, we also had a “light Rem Pod activation.”  Even further into the sit-down, Jill from API had asked the male ghost upstairs if he used to work at the park.  A light evp was captured that sounds like, “wait.”  It appeared that most of the evps that we recorded from this investigation, all came from the a-frame building.

Conference/Dorm Room Building (Formally the old skating rink at Craterville Park)


We decided to spread out some in this building with some members down one hallway and other members down another.  We set up some monitoring equipment throughout the hallways.  A member of the API team set up a light up ball down one end of the hallway.  At the time, Christy was connecting to a little girl named Anna.  The team asked “Anna” to touch the light up ball. 

Moments after this was asked, the light up ball was activated a few different times.  We were able to get video of this light up ball activating.  (See video)

Our sit-down continued.  About 1:29 a.m., our team heard 2 loud knocking sounds coming from one of the unoccupied hallways.  This was heard audibly and briefly mentioned by a few group members.


Our team conducted an Estes Method session.  Kathy was the listener and she kept hearing a “whistle” sound. This whistle was so loud that members could hear it through Kathy’s headphones.


It appeared that the activity finally quieted down as nothing else happened for the rest of the evening.  Our team then finished up in the conference area a little while later and decided to wrap it up for the night, pack up and head home.

Christy March.jpg

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


Since this was my 2nd investigation at this location, I was able to focus more on a couple of different places of interest to me.  One of these areas was the hallway in the conference/dorm room and the other was the upstairs area of the A-frame building.  In the A-Frame building upstairs, I encountered the same male spirit as before.  I really felt this man was connected to the property at some point. I also felt he was still 

very concerned about his connection and part in helping to take care of the park.  I did not feel anything threatening from the man, however, I did feel that he could get very choosey on who he wanted to deal with overall.  He also liked some things kept/done a certain way.


In the conference building, I picked up on a couple of spirits.  One was a little girl I nicknamed, “Anna.”  She was very friendly and playful and around the age of 6 or 7.  She did tell me that she liked to be around other children who she encountered occasionally there at the park.  She did tell me that she was sad in some ways though because she missed her mama and daddy and wished they would come for her.  I did ask my guides on the other side to help find her parents and send them her way.  I also told her she could cross over to the other side and either her parents could meet her or a loved one on the other side could help her look for her parents. 

During this same sit-down, I encountered a man who had military connections.  I feel like this man was from World War II.  I didn’t feel he was connected directly to the property, but more so a transient spirit passing through during our time there at this location.  He was very friendly but showed me his final moments and death through his eyes.  I felt and heard war all around me.  There was no sense of safety around either.  Sensing what he felt, I suddenly I felt like I was in a state of horrible panic, and I felt all alone.  I had a hard time breathing and then everything got dark around him/me.  I believe he was injured in some way and allowed me to feel/experience his final moments in death.

The state of fear that surrounded him was horrible and I felt he had run away from being attacked or hit and ran to safety somewhere.  It was then that he must have realized he was hit and was dying.  When trying to determine what his uniform and what war he was in, I looked up some images online and found one posted here that closely resembles what he was wearing.  I remember right after he showed me his death, he disappeared and was gone.  I tried to call him back to talk to him to offer him more help, but just as quickly as he appeared in the beginning, he disappeared in the end.

ww2 man.jpeg

Evidence collected

evidence banner.png

There were 5 EVPs, 2 sound clips, 0 photos, and 1 video clip.



"I don't know"


"Unknown male voice"


Sound Clips

2 Knocking Sounds



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