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The Man with the Handlebar Mustache

Have you ever wondered what happens to our souls after our physical body dies? What is a spirit and do they really exist? Why is it that some souls don’t cross over into Heaven but rather remain stuck in this earthly realm? Are all spirits bad and can they really harm us? What should you do if you are experiencing a haunting of your own? Spirits Among Us

is a book that answers questions like these while retelling actual stories of haunted locations encountered by one paranormal investigator and her team throughout its early years. This book takes you through the experiences of Christy Clark and her journey towards discovery of her own personal gifts and how she overcame many obstacles along the way, including ghostly attachments and spiritual attacks. This book also describes how Christy’s experiences eventually lead her toward founding Oklahoma's first team of paranormal investigators. 

Historical information about actual haunted locations and true stories told by spirits  are described through the eyes of the author as she witnessed different ghostly encounters first hand. Follow Christy and her team of investigators as they take you on ghostly adventures throughout the state of Oklahoma and surrounding areas, reliving each ghostly tale, one story at a time…

Pick up a copy of Christy's book today from her publisher, Authorhouse at:  "Spirits Among Us"

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